Victron Energy EasySolar Review

6 October 2022  |  Paul

Following on from last week's blog article regarding home ESS systems, we thought it might be good to take an in-depth look at one of our product ranges that can help with those types of systems - the Victron Energy EasySolar

The Victron Energy EasySolar is an Inverter, Mains Charger & Solar Controller all in one compact unit which can take energy from solar panels and feed these into your batteries or power your appliances using a high-quality MPPT controller. These units are capable of handling solar arrays between 1400-5800W (depending on the model) and once set up, any spare energy harvested can also be fed back into the grid to help reduce energy costs further.

The EasySolar guarantees an uninterrupted AC power supply using its ultrafast built-in transfer switch which immediately switches to the inverter if grid power becomes unavailable. Furthermore, when mains or generator power is limited the unique PowerAssist technology makes it possible to boost the total capacity by adding extra energy from the batteries. When mains or generator power is active the unit will automatically switch to Charger Mode and top up the batteries whilst powering your appliances. This system is highly configurable, allowing you to set battery state of charge limits, enable auto-activation of a generator, and much more, meaning your ESS system can be tailored to suit your needs. 

For example, take a system where we have 3000W of solar power on our roof. During the day whilst at work, this could power the house and top up our batteries as no one is at home using a large amount of energy. Once home and the solar panels are no longer providing power, we could rely on battery power to go through the evening and set our EasySolar to switch to mains supply only when the batteries hit 20% state of charge. If we reach 20% state of charge during the evening or overnight, the system would automatically switch over and charge the batteries and power our appliances from the mains or a generator (which it could start automatically).

Victron Energy EasySolar

If the charge in our batteries is sufficient to see us through from when we get home to when we fall asleep, we may even set the EasySolar up so we could fully charge the batteries during an off-peak time period when our energy supplier offers cheaper kWh rates. Then when we leave for work, our solar system powers our daytime energy requirements, plus keeps our batteries topped up ready for the evening. 

In short, the system allows you to keep your home powered, batteries topped up and energy costs down, all in one compact unit which also allows you to fully customise how your solar energy is harvested and when mains power should be used. For more information on our EasySolar units and ESS systems, please check out the products below or get in touch with our team for more info.

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