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Latest news for Sep 2017

Thursday, 14 September 2017  |  Paul

This month we have extended our Sterling battery charger range and are announcing our switch to DPD for all courier deliveries.  We also have only a week left to go for entries to our Facebook dashcam competition, so enter before it's too late.


Extended Sterling Battery Charger Range

Due to popular demand we've added the 12V 40A output version of Sterling Power's multi award winning Pro Charge Ultra charger to our range, meaning we now stock 10, 20, 30 & 40A models as standard.  Don't forget, we can supply any product from the Sterling range so if you don't see what you need on our website please just contact us for a price and lead time.

Find out more: Sterling Pro Charge Ultra

New Courier Service - Coming Soon!

We're always looking at ways to enhance our service so we are excited to announce that we are teaming up with industry-leading courier company DPD to bring you better, more convenient delivery of your orders.

DPD have a reputation for being the most innovative carrier in the express parcels sector. They offer a one-hour delivery window with their PREDICT service, meaning there's no need to wait in all day, and with real-time tracking of your delivery driver's location with their FOLLOW service you can see where your parcel is and the number of stops remaining before your delivery.

You can also choose from multiple options if you are not going to be available to sign for your delivery. These include leaving in a safe place, leaving with a neighbour, deliver to pick-up point, alternative delivery date etc., all of which make receiving your order that little bit easier.

Keep an eye on our website for the changes coming soon.

Facebook Competition - Ends 22nd Sep

We currently have a Facebook competition running to win an amazing Ring Automotive RBGDC200 Full HD GPS Dashcam.

You can read the full specs here and enter the competition at the following link:


Competition closes 22nd September.

Latest news for Jul 2017 - Scanstrut products now available

Friday, 28 July 2017  |  Paul

This month we're happy to announce the addition of a range of products from Scanstrut, the international market leader in the design and manufacture of installation solutions for marine electronics.

Waterproof High Power USB Socket

This high power, twin USB socket from Scanstrut is designed to withstand powerful jets of water and heavy seas so is ideal for use in boat cockpits or on the outside of vehicles. The clever Click & Lock lid and cable seals make it fully waterproof regardless of whether you have 1, 2 or no USB cables plugged in and thanks to the 4.2A high power output you will still get fast charging of mobile devices, even if using both ports.

Find out more: Scanstrut Waterproof Twin USB Socket

Cable Seals

These cable seals (deck seals) provide the ideal solution to waterproof cable routing through decks and bulkheads and are perfect for installing antenna and navigation light cables on boats. 100% waterproof with stainless fastenings and impact resistant housings, they are designed for tough marine environments.

Find out more: Scanstrut Cable Seals

Cable Selection Guide

We have produced a new YouTube video to help you with selecting the right cable for your wiring project. This is a critical part of specifying your system and spending some time at the start to understand how to choose the correct cable can save a lot of pain later on!

Watch it HERE

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Latest news for Jun 2017

Wednesday, 14 June 2017  |  Paul

Classic connectors back in stock, new assortment kit and YouTube video for crimping copper tube terminals.

Bullet terminals & connectors back in stock

Having been out of stock for some time we're pleased to finally have these back in, meaning our popular large assortment kit box will also be back on the shelves in the next day or so.  Ideal for classics restorations, these terminals and connectors are best assembled using dedicated crimping and insertion tools so we'll be discussing how to use these in our next YouTube video.

Find out more: Assortment kits

New copper tube terminal kit box - coming soon

We will shortly be introducing a new copper tube terminal assortment kit to our range in response to customer feedback. We already stock a large assortment box but many of you have asked about a kit with more terminals in the smaller sizes. This new kit will contain terminals for cable sizes from 6 - 25mmwith hole sizes of 5, 6, 8 & 10mm.

Find out more: Assortment kits

12 Volt Planet TV

We've recently uploaded a new video showing how to crimp copper tube terminals to larger gauge cable. These terminals require heavier duty tools so we've demonstrated the options and crimping methods available.

Watch it HERE

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Latest news for April 2017

Tuesday, 11 April 2017  |  Paul

Expanded range of battery chargers, YouTube wiring video and supporting and visiting friends.

The latest addition this month is an expansion to our battery chargers. We are proud to now offer the PPT Premium Multi-Stage charger. This range is aimed at those wanting a high performance multi-stage charger with a good set of features but at a lower cost compared with some of the larger manufacturers. 

Find out more: Battery Chargers 

Mongol Rally & Brookes Racing Team Visit

If you follow our social media channels you may have seen our recent visit to the Oxford Brookes Racing Team who we are helping prepare for a new season. Chatting with the Meghann and the team we are very excited to continue our support and we will keep you updates as to their progress.

We also have updates from the TCB Team in the Mongol Rally 2017, They have been using our goods and have seeked further support for their charities. Luckily they have also managed to get at least one of there many visas needed all sorted but there is still plenty to do. We will continue to keep you posted.

Find out more: Mongol Rally 2017 & Oxford Brookes Racing

12 Volt Planet TV

We are currently reviewing our YouTube page, working on further videos & hoping to continue posting new videos soon. We have added 1 video for customer to help with our LED Touch Switch Lights.

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Latest news for February 2017

Friday, 10 February 2017  |  Paul

An expanded range of switch panels, braided sleeving and new YouTube tutorials are on the menu this month. Find out more below.

The latest addition this month is an expansion to our already popular range of switch panels.  We now offer these in 12-way versions with either fuses or circuit breakers and with three different switch options. We have also introduced an AC changeover switch panel that allows you to have a single set of sockets fed by either a shore/site supply, inverter or generator.

Find out more: 12 way switch panels 

Expandable Braided Sleeving

New for February, this lightweight, expandable braided sleeving is ideal for bundling cables and offering durable protection against abrasion. It has an especially high working temperature of 150ºC, is flame retardant, halogen free and the open weave construction allows parts of the loom to 'break-out' through the sleeving if required. Available in a range of sizes.

Find out more: Braided sleeving

12 Volt Planet TV

We've added some new videos to our recently launched YouTube channel to help you with some of our products:

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Get Connected - New products for Aug 2016

Friday, 19 August 2016  |  Paul

We're now stocking the Blue Sea Systems range of weatherproof plugs, sockets and accessories designed specifically for use in harsh marine environments, as well as their new OLED voltmeter and twin fast charge 4.8A USB socket.

Blue Sea Systems Weatherproof Plugs & Sockets

This weather-proof 12 Volt DC plug and socket socket system is designed to withstand the rigors of wet environments and constant vibration found in marine use. The tough plug/socket design features a twist-lock system to securely hold the two together and a seal around the plug prevents moisture ingress, so they can be used in cockpits exposed to spray. Corrosion resistant materials with large contact surfaces are used throughout to ensure good electrical connection and minimal voltage drop.

Find out more: Weatherproof plugs and sockets

Blue Sea Systems OLED Voltmeter & Twin Fast Charge USB Socket

Another great new product from Blue Sea Systems, this compact, panel-mounted voltmeter features a crystal clear OLED display that can be read even in bright daylight conditions.  It can be used with 12V or 24V systems and has a waterproof facia so can be mounted in exposed locations. 

Their new twin fast charge USB socket provides a whopping 4.8A to allow optimised fast charging of two devices simultaneously - perfect for those with multiple mobile devices needing to be charged on the go.

Find out more: OLED Voltmeter      Twin Fast Charge USB Socket

 More from LED Autolamps...

To complement our existing range we have introduced three new LED Autolamps products this month.  Large round interior lamps which are ideal for use as central lighting in living or work areas, a compact strip lamp with red LEDs for night working and a door entry scene light for illuminating entrances to motorhomes, caravans etc.  All are built to the usual high standard we've come to expect from this manufacturer, backed up by a 3 year warranty.

Find out more: Large Interior Lights      Red Strip Light      Door Entry Scene Light

Lighting The Way - New products for July 2016

1 CommentFriday, 15 July 2016  |  Paul

This month we've added some of the best new LED lighting designs to our range to bring you even more choice when fitting out your boat or vehicle

Compact Work Lamps

These compact work lamps are ideal for use on motorbikes, trikes, quads or any other application where mounting space is limited. At 1000+ lumens they are high output for their size and come in either rectangular or oval housing designs. They're also  fully waterproof with stainless hardware and tough polycarbonate lenses, meaning they'll withstand the rigors of daily use.

Find out more: LED work lamps

Flexible LED Strips With Self-Adhesive Backing

This new range of flexible LED strip lighting makes easy work of illuminating under shelving and other areas where discrete and compact lighting is needed. Simply peel off the protective tape from the adhesive foam backing, apply where needed and wire up to the pre-installed flying leads. Available in four lengths to  suit the vast majority of applications and fully waterproof  so they can be used outside.

Find out more: Flexible LED strip lights

Touch Sensitive Interior Lights

A stylish and contemporary range of low profile strip lights that will blend well with any modern vehicle interior. They can be wired to be turned on and off by an in-built touch sensitive switch or they can be powered directly so you can switch them from a remote location.  At only 11mm deep they are low profile and are available in a choice of three lengths. We're currently stocking them in graphite grey but will also have them available in black in the next few weeks.

Find out more: Touch sensitive interior lights

Extended range of copper tube terminals

Due to popular demand we are now stocking copper tube terminals with 5mm diameter connection holes. These are available on terminals to fit  6, 10, 16 & 25mm2 cable sizes.

Find out more: Copper tube terminals


New products for April 2016 UK-made switch panels

Wednesday, 27 April 2016  |  Paul

This month we're continuing to expand our range of high quality products from marine electrical experts, Blue Sea Systems, and are pleased to introduce a range of UK-made switch panels for those wanting an integrated solution to circuit switching and protection.

Switch Panels

These switch panels fill a gap in our product range by offering a solution to those customers wanting integrated switching and circuit protection. UK-made using high quality Carling switchgear, they are stylish and robust and come pre-wired so there's minimal work involved during installation. Available in various configurations including switches only, switches/fuses or switches/circuit-breakers, plus there is a matching twin-battery status meter in the range. Some panels are water-resistant and suitable for use in cockpit areas where exposure to spray and rain is likely. All variants come with self-adhesive legend sets.

Find out more: Switch Panels

Blue Sea Systems Terminal Blocks

Blue Sea Systems are a leader in the field of marine electrics, producing some very high quality components, so we thought it was time to expand our offering from them. These rugged terminal blocks are a much more professional solution to making multi-way connections than flexible terminal strips. 'Jumpers' are also available to 'common' together individual circuits, meaning you can have a mixture of individual circuits and busbar circuits in a single unit, allowing greater flexibility in your system design. Available in 20A and 30A ratings with 2 to 10 circuits per block.

Find out more: Blue Sea Systems Terminal Blocks

Blue Sea Systems 'Feed-Through' Power Connectors

Sticking with Blue Sea Systems we are also now stocking these feed-through power connectors which provide a very convenient method of routing large gauge cable through bulkheads, decks and hulls. They eliminate cable strain at the pass-through point, are very tough and are rated to IP66 for a waterproof connection.

Find out more: Blue Sea Systems Feed-Through Power Connectors

Panel Mounted, Switchable Circuit Breakers

Adding to our range of already popular surface mounted switchable circuit breakers, we can now offer panel mounted versions in 50A, 80A & 100A ratings.

Find out more: Panel Mounted, Switchable Circuit Breakers

New products for Jan 2016

Friday, 8 January 2016  |  Paul

This month we're focusing on our new range of chargers and inverters from Sterling Power Products. Sterling's battery-to-battery chargers will be of particular interest to those of you wishing to charge a secondary battery in a vehicle with a 'smart' alternator, where a traditional split charging using a VSR won't work properly.

Sterling Mains-Powered Battery Chargers

Sterling's multi-award winning range of 'Pro Charge Ultra' multi-stage battery chargers are suitable for use in professional and recreational applications alike. Packed with a host of useful features and utilising some of the very best charging technology available they are designed for high reliability, un-rivalled charging performance and global use. Sterling are at the forefront of charging technology and the Pro Charge Ultra range are fitted by many of the World's largest production boat builders as original equipment. Suitable for all battery types including wet lead acid (open and sealed), AGM, Gel, calcium and lithium.

Find out more: Sterling Mains Battery Chargers

Sterling Quasi-Sine Wave Inverters

Quasi (or modified) sine wave inverters take a 12V DC power source and closely approximate the shape of the AC waveform that you get from your household electrical sockets, meaning that they can operate about 95% of 240V AC powered equipment.  These quasi-sine wave inverters from Sterling Power are robust, reliable units and are more cost-effective than pure sine wave inverters if you are running basic electrical items like kettles, microwaves, hairdryers, fridges, TVs, blenders, laptops, games, consoles etc.  They are a compact size for their output power and incorporate several safety features to protect the inverter and battery from damage.

Find out more: Sterling Battery-To-Battery Chargers

Sterling Battery-To-Battery Chargers

Battery-To-Battery chargers allow you to charge an auxiliary / leisure battery from your alternator whilst driving. They are installed in-line between the positive terminals of two batteries (one of which is connected to an alternator, typically a starter battery) and offer several benefits when compared with traditional split charge systems that utilise a Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) or heavy duty alternator-triggered relay.
  • Direct alternator charging used in a traditional split charge system with a VSR will only achieve around an 80% charge state. VSRs simply allow charge to pass directly from the alternator to the auxiliary battery whereas Battery-To-Battery chargers take the alternator output and boost or reduce it to provide a stable voltage output according to a multi-stage charging profile. This provides a 100% re-charge for your leisure battery in a controlled way and typically achieves it around 5x faster than with direct alternator charging.
  • Current flow is limited by the charger's current rating, eliminating potentially damaging high in-rush currents and allowing the use of smaller connecting cable than with VSR-based split charge systems.
  • Using a battery-to-battery charger is the only solution if you intend to re-charge a second battery in a modern vehicle that has an ECU-controlled 'smart' alternator (generally Euro 5/6 compliant engines onward). These have a highly variable voltage output that is often too low to provide a charge or (in the case of regenerative braking systems) so high that it can damage some battery types.  VSRs are not suitable for use with 'smart' alternators and a battery-to-battery charger must be used instead.

Find out more: Sterling Battery-To-Battery Chargers

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New products for Oct 2015

Wednesday, 21 October 2015  |  Paul

An extended range of Anderson Power Product's industry leading connectors hits our warehouse shelves this month, plus a 10-way waterproof fuse box for those tough environments.  We are also now stocking a range of adaptors to interface Superseal connectors with convoluted sleeving, providing your wiring harnesses with better protection and a professional finish.

Read on for more detail...

Anderson Powerpole Connectors - Smart, Simple, Versatile

Powerpole connectors from Anderson Power Products provide a smart, simple and extremely versatile connection solution for cable sizes from 1.5mm2 up to 35mm2.  They are a genderless design, so just flip one housing upside down and push it together with another of the same size to make a connection. They can also be interlocked side-to-side, top-to-bottom and at 90º to each other to form banks of connectors in multiple configurations, allowing blocks to be keyed and prevent incorrect connection.

Find out more: Anderson Powerpole Connectors

Superseal To Convoluted Sleeving Adaptors  - Connection Protection

These clever adaptors allow you to easily and neatly connect 10mm OD convoluted sleeving to 2, 3 or 4-way Superseal connectors, providing un-interrupted protection for your cable and creating an extremely professional finish to your wiring harnesses. The grooves in the sleeving sit tightly inside the adaptor, creating a solid interface with high pull-off force that provides effective strain relief and prevents accidental damage to the cable during connection and disconnection. Available in straight or 90º swivel versions.

Find out more:  Superseal Connector Adaptors For Waterproof Sleeving

10-Way Waterproof Fusebox  - IP56 For Tough Environments

This high quality, rugged fusebox is designed for use in damp environments such as engine compartments, bilges, cockpits and even external mounting on vehicles. It has 10 holders for automotive-style blade fuses and features red LEDs against each circuit to indicate fuse failure.  A ribbed silicone seal runs around the fuse compartment forming a waterproof seal against the lid, whilst a rubber gasket ensures a watertight fitting between the rear of the fusebox and the panel surface. There are also 6 additional slots to store spare fuses so they're to hand when you need them.

Find out more: Waterproof Panel Mounted Standard Blade Fuse Box With LEDs - 10 Way

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