Victron Energy EasySolar 24V 1600VA/40A (16) MPPT 100/50

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The EasySolar 24/1600/40 from Victron Energy is a multifunctional energy system consisting of a powerful 1600VA sine wave inverter, a sophisticated 4-stage 40A battery charger with adaptive charging technology, a BlueSolar 100/50 MPPT solar charge controller, plus a high speed AC transfer switch and AC distribution in a single light weight and compact enclosure. The system has been designed for those who want to enjoy the comfort and freedom of a complete energy system without spending time on the installation of separate components and difficult technical procedures. To reduce installation time further, battery cables are supplied already fitted.

The EasySolar guarantees uninterrupted power supply, whenever and wherever you are. When shore or generator power is limited, the unique PowerAssist technology makes it possible to boost the total capacity by adding extra energy from the batteries. Optimum safety is guaranteed with the 2x10A and 2x16A circuit breakers and integrated 30mA/16A RCD (Residual Current Device) protecting against earth leakage.

There are four AC outputs provided. Three are connected via the built-in AC transfer switch which performs the function of an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS). In the event of a grid failure, or shore or generator power being disconnected, the inverter is automatically activated and takes over AC supply to the connected loads. This happens in less then 20 milliseconds and ensures that sensitive connected equipment continues to run without disruption. The fourth AC output is only active when AC is available on the input and is intended for connection to high draw loads (e.g. water heater) that would drain the battery quickly if allowed to run from the inverter.

The charger is multi-stage and fully automatic and the microprocessor-driven adaptive battery management system can be adjusted for various types of batteries (for lithium batteries it might be necessary to set the charging voltages using the VE.Configure software and this can be achieved by connecting the EasyPlus to a laptop with the optional Interface MK3-USB). The adaptive technology automatically varies the charging process in accordance with the way the batteries are discharged, ensuring that your batteries are always kept in optimal condition. There are 2 outputs available for charging; one full power output and a second, limited current and voltage output intended for trickle charging a starter battery.

The integrated BlueSolar charge controller features ultra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and can harvest up to 30% more energy than PWM controllers in fast changing light conditions. Coupled with a 98% efficiency and  adaptive 3-stage charging, it ensures your battery is optimally charged with the highest available energy from your solar input. Three sets of MC4-style PV connectors are provided to enable quick and easy connection of your solar panels, and up to three strings of PV panels can be connected with a maximum PV power conversion capability of 1400W.

The EasySolar can be connected to a GX device such as the Cerbo GX for remote monitoring and control.

Suitable for use in caravans, motorhomes, campervans, boats, commercial vehicles and off-grid applications.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Pure sine wave output (inverter)
  • High start-up power (inverter)
  • Search Mode for reduced 'no-load' power consumption (inverter)
  • Transfer Switch UPS function (inverter)
  • Adaptive 4-stage charging (AC charger)
  • Storage mode to prolong battery life (AC charger)
  • Twin charger outputs - full current and trickle charge (AC charger)
  • Battery temperature sensor (AC charger)
  • MPPT solar technology (solar charger)
  • Adaptive 3-stage charging (solar charger)
  • Programmable alarm/signalling relay
  • Protected against output short circuit
  • Protected against battery voltage low/high
  • Protected against power overload
  • Protected against over-temperature
  • Protected against 230V AC detected on inverter output (e.g. from another AC source)
  • Protected against input voltage ripple too high
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty


  • Input voltage range: 19 - 33 VDC
  • Output voltage: 230VAC +/- 2% (can be adjusted to 240V)
  • Output frequency: 50Hz +/- 0.1% (can be adjusted to 60Hz)
  • Continuous output power at 25ºC: 1600VA
  • Continuous output power at 25ºC/40ºC: 1300/1200W
  • Peak power: 3000W
  • Max. efficiency: 94%
  • No-load power consumption: 10W
  • Zero load power in search mode: 3W

AC Charger

  • Input voltage range: 187 - 265 VAC
  • Input frequency: 45-65Hz
  • Charge voltage (absorption): 28.8 VDC
  • Charge voltage (float): 27.6 VDC
  • Charge voltage (storage mode): 26.4 VDC
  • Charge current (house battery): 40A
  • Charge current (starter battery): 4A
  • Battery temperature sensor: Yes

Solar charger

  • Maximum output current: 50A
  • Maximum PV power: 1400W
  • Maximum PV open circuit voltage: 100V
  • Maximum efficiency: 98%
  • Self-consumption: 10mA
  • Charge voltage (absorption): 28.8 VDC
  • Charge voltage (float): 27.6 VDC
  • Temperature compensation: -32mV/ºC


  • Transfer switch current rating:16A @ 230 VAC
  • Programmable relay: Yes
  • Output short circuit protection: Yes
  • Overload protection: Yes
  • Battery over-voltage protection: Yes
  • Battery under-voltage protection: Yes
  • Over-temperature protection: Yes
  • 230 VAC on inverter output protection: Yes
  • Input voltage ripple too high protection: Yes
  • Operating temperature: -20ºC to +50ºC (fan assisted cooling)
  • DC (battery) cable connection: 1.5m long battery cables (pre-wired)
  • PV connection: Three sets of MC4 (PV-ST01) PV connectors
  • 230V AC cable connection: G-ST18i connector
  • Ingress Protection rating: IP21
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Overall dimensions: 745 (H) x 214 (W) x 110 (D) mm

Part Number:  CEP241621010

Bar Code:  8719076021605

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