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Fusing FAQs

Q Should I fuse my circuits and if so, which cable should I fuse?

Yes, we always recommend fusing the positive cable of each circuit. The fuse should be located as close to the power source (e.g. battery) as possible.

Q How do I know what value fuse to use?

You should protect a cable with a fuse that is lower than the cable's rated value in Amps (A). We recommend fusing at around 70-80% of the cable's rating. To find out more about the amp rating of your cable, click here.

Q What type of fuse should I use?
A The type of fuse you should use will be dependent on the cable it's going to protect. You will need to make sure the fuse holder can accommodate the cable size and that a fuse is available for that holder that is below the cable's nominal current rating. You can see what cable size our fuse holders are suitable for in the specifications tab on the product page. 








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