Battery Chargers (Mains)

If you have a campervan, motorhome, caravan, boat or other vehicle that has a deep-cycle auxiliary or leisure battery (or batteries) installed then you will want to be able to re-charge it from mains power when available (e.g. site hook-up, shore-power or at home). Leisure batteries differ in construction from vehicle starter batteries because they are designed for different jobs, and consequently require a different charging regime.

Fixed voltage battery chargers won't achieve full re-charging of a leisure battery because the lead plates are thicker, so charging has to take place in controlled stages with the voltage level being automatically adjusted throughout to ensure full charge absoprtion. This is where dedicated multi-stage or 'intelligent' chargers need to be used to ensure your battery receives a full, deep charge and its serviceable lifetime is maximised.

As a rule of the thumb the charger output current should be around 10-15% of your battery's Ah capacity.