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2 Comments16 May 2024
Adding a Second Leisure Battery to Your Campervan or Boat

Are you thinking of adding a second leisure battery to your vehicle or boat? Take a look at this article first to make sure you have the correct information.

1 Comment1 May 2024
How To Wire a 12V Lighting Circuit With 2 Way Switching

In this article we explain how to connect up a 12V lighting circuit with 2 way switching.

3 April 2024

We have just uploaded a new video to our YouTube channel, read this article to find out more and check it out.

22 March 2024
What Output Alternator Is Required For Running A DC-DC Charger?

If you're thinking of installing a DC-DC charger in your vehicle, there are several factors that you need to consider. One of these is the output of your vehicle's alternator. Read this article to find out more

1 Comment7 March 2024
Victron Energy's Wiring Unlimited Guide

We have got a great resource of electrical help for you from market leaders Victron Energy. Check out this article for more information.

8 February 2024
Victron Energy Orion XS Video

Check out our latest video on one of the most exciting new products on the market, the Victron Energy Orion XS DC-DC Charger.

22 January 2024
Camper Mart 2024

Are you thinking about going to Camper Mart 2024? We will be exhibiting at this year's event, read this article for more information!

15 November 2023
How to Install a Victron Energy SmartShunt - Video

We have just uploaded a brand new video to our YouTube channel. This one is about the Victron Energy SmartShunt, check it out with the link in this article!

2 Comments19 October 2023
Worried About Your Batteries Self-Discharging?

Are you worried about your batteries self-discharging when you are leaving your vehicle for long periods of time? Check out this article as we may have the solution for you.

2 Comments6 September 2023
How much current is your 12v DC charger pulling from the mains?

Have you been wondering how many Amps your 12v mains charger draws on the mains side? Well, check this article out as we have a helpful sum for calculating this.

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