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15 November 2023
How to Install a Victron Energy SmartShunt - Video

We have just uploaded a brand new video to our YouTube channel. This one is about the Victron Energy SmartShunt, check it out with the link in this article!

2 Comments19 October 2023
Worried About Your Batteries Self-Discharging?

Are you worried about your batteries self-discharging when you are leaving your vehicle for long periods of time? Check out this article as we may have the solution for you.

2 Comments6 September 2023
How much current is your 12v DC charger pulling from the mains?

Have you been wondering how many Amps your 12v mains charger draws on the mains side? Well, check this article out as we have a helpful sum for calculating this.

8 August 2023
New YouTube Video!

We have recently uploaded a new YouTube video on one of our Blue Sea Systems products. Read this article to find out more!

27 July 2023
5 Tips To Help You With Your Electrical Installation

Check out our 5 tips to help you with your electrical install, whether that it is for a boat, campervan, motorhome or an off grid house!

12 July 2023
Heat Shrink Sleeving Size Chart

Are you struggling to work out what size heat shrink sleeving you need for your cables? Now we have a chart for working it out, so click here to take a look.

4 May 2023
Cable Sizes

We often get asked questions about our cable so in this article, we are looking at the sizes, thicknesses and amperage ratings of the different cables that we stock.

6 April 2023
What is a busbar?

Are you new to 12 volt electrics and trying to get your head around some of the terminology? Read this article to find out what a busbar is and what it can be used for.

21 March 2023
How to use a multimeter to estimate the SoC of your battery

Have you ever wondered how to use your multimeter to estimate the State of Charge (SoC) of your battery? Read this article to find out how to do this in the most accurate way possible.

1 Comment7 March 2023
How to size a mains, DC-DC or solar charger

Whether it is a mains, DC-DC or solar charger that you are planning to install, we have you covered with this guide to sizing a charger. 

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