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Mains Battery Charging FAQs

Q How do I pick what size charger I need?

Ideally, your charger should provide around 10-20% of your battery's rated capacity (e.g. a 100Ah battery needs a 10-20A charger). This is true for lead-acid technology batteries but lithium batteries can often accept a much higher charge rate.

Q What is the benefit of having 3 outputs on my battery charger?
A 3 output chargers allow you to take a positive feed to 3 separate batteries from 1 charger, so you are able to charge multiple independent batteries at the same time. 
Q What's the best way of charging multiple batteries that make up a single battery bank?
A The best way to charge multiple batteries connected in parallel is to connect the positive cable of the charger to the first battery in your bank and the negative cable to the last battery in the bank.






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