Our Top 5 Best Selling Marine Products Reviewed

23 May 2014  |  Paul

We thought it would be interesting for you to know what others in the boating world are buying and have found useful in their projects, so here's a a run-down of our top 5 best selling marine products this year

5   Battery Isolation & Changeover Switches

The first in our Top 5 are these chunky marine battery switches. If you want to isolate the power to work on the circuit or need to disconnect in an emergency then these are essential. They are available either as a simple 2 position isolation (ON/OFF) type or as a 4 position changeover and isolation (1 ON / 2 ON / 1+2 ON / 1+2 OFF) type allowing you to switch between battery banks. These feel really solid in use, have a nice positive action and both types are rated at 300A continuous.


4    Waterproof Bulkhead Adaptors

These adaptors are designed to take un-split convoluted sleeving through bulkheads whilst maintaining a water tight connection. They are waterproof to IP67, can operate up to 120ºC continuously and are resistant to oils and fuels, making them ideal for routing wiring harnesses through the engine compartment or other harsh environments. We also stock a T configuration adaptor for convoluted sleeving, again water-proof to IP67.

If you combine these waterproof harness systems with our range of UK-made  tinned copper cable you'l have a system that will be superbly protected from the rigours of a marine environment and will give you many years of trouble-free service.



3    12-Way Fusebox With Power Buses

This fusebox has always been popular with car enthusiasts but is now gaining popularity for fitting on-board boats as well. It's a really nice piece of kit, solidly put together and with 12 circuits it should suit most small to medium sized electrical installations. There are 2 common +ve buses allowing you to have 2 independently powered banks of 6 circuits, and a common ground bus. The large, clear cover on this fusebox means it's ideal for use with with our LED 'glow' fuses that light up red when they blow to provide a clear visual indication of the fault - no more fumbling in the dark to identify the culprit!


2    Waterproof 12V Power Sockets

If you want access to 12V power for portable equipment in the cockpit or elsewhere on deck then the usual answer is to fit a 12V cigar lighter socket. These are ideal for the job but those designed for automotive use are not generally sealed and so are prone to water ingress and corrode as a result. We introduced a range of sockets this year to solve this issue which have a tight fitting, ribbed rubber cab that fits into the socket, combined with a gasket behind the socket surround to seal against the mounting face. This makes them waterproof when not in use and their corrosion-resistant construction ensures that any moisture that does get in during use won't corrode the terminals. They're made from impact resistant plastic and available in a range of styles to suit most applications.


1    Power Distribution Posts & Busbars

These stainless steel power posts and busbars are proving an extremely popular solution for on-board power distribution. They're tough, simple to fit and allow multiple connections, providing you with the flexibility to route power where you need it.  The 10-way and 4-way ones are the most popular and are available with covers to protect them from accidental shorting. Our recently introduced  4-way dual busbar version has also been selling well and provides multiple +ve and -ve connection in a single, compact block. 




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