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New products for Sep 2015

Wednesday, 30 September 2015  |  Paul

Our LED lighting range has had a further expansion this month with a range of waterproof scene, awning and strip lights from UK company Labcraft. We can also now offer a terminal crimping tool that is dedicated for use with heat shrink terminals and prevents damage.

Read on for more detail...


LABCRAFT LED LIGHTS - Leading The Way In UK Design & Manufacture

We're pleased to announce that we're now stocking a range of LED lights from UK designer and manufacturer, Labcraft.  Established for over 50 years, Labcraft have a proven track record of innovative, high quality products with stylish designs and are a popular and trusted brand within the auto, marine, leisure and commercial markets. Most of these lights are backed by a 10 year guarantee so you can be confident of their performance and reliability.

The range includes very high power scene lights, awning lights and strip lights - all waterpoof to IP67. We are also stocking their dual-colour map/chart light and a Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor for automatic light operation.

Last minute update: Last few lights from our initial stock remaining with more expected to arrive on Thursday 1st October

Find out more: Labcraft External Lights | Labcraft Map/Chart Light | Labcraft PIR Sensor


We introduced a comprehensive range of heat shrink crimp terminals a few months ago and a dedicated tool is now available for crimping these. General purpose tools for crimping red/blue/yellow pre-insulated terminals have a tendency to damage and even pierce the heat shrink tubing, potentially allowing moisture to penetrate and corrosion to take hold. These dedicated ratchet crimpers feature a special flat jaw profile that crimps the conductor effectively without damaging the heat shrink tubing, ensuring that your terminals maintain their moisture resistant properties.

Priced at £38.42 inc. VAT

Find out more:  Heat Shrink Terminal Ratchet Crimping Tool



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New products for June 2015

Friday, 19 June 2015  |  Paul

We've some exciting new additions to our product range this month with a full selection of adhesive-lined heat shrink crimp terminals for those really demanding environments, plus dual power posts for extend high current cables. We also have a touch-sensitive, waterproof LED light and covers for our fused battery terminal clamps.

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We've extended our range of crimp terminals and connectors this month to include these adhesive-lined heat shrink versions. The terminals are first crimped over the cable and then the insulation is shrunk with a heat gun or torch until the adhesive lining melts and flows throughout, providing the dual-benefit of a long-lasting environmental seal and excellent strain relief for the cable.

These terminals have passed rigorous tests for sealing and pull-off loadings and are superior to standard pre-insulated terminals, making them them the 1st choice for use in demanding environments such as marine or external vehicle wiring applications.


To see the adhesive-lined heat shrink at work take a look at our Youtube clip below:

Find out more: Adhesive-lined heat shrink terminals and connectors

DUAL POWER POSTS - Easily Extend Your Power Cables

These dual power posts from marine electrical components specialists Blue Sea Systems feature 2 electrically isolated 3/8" studs mounted in a compact and tough glass-filled nylon block. Primarily intended for extending starter motor cables from outboard engines, they are also ideal for joining cables in any high current application on boats or in vehicles and can be used as an alternative to 2 individual power distribution posts.  Rated up to 48V with corrosion resistant stainless steel fixings they also come complete with dual-entry, red and black PVC  terminal covers.

Find out more: Dual power posts


This brand new surface-mounted LED ceiling light is suitable for both internal and external use thanks to its IP67 rated waterproof housing and convenient touch sensitive ON/OFF switch.  The body is a sleek aluminium extrusion that has been anodised for corrosion protection and is finished with black end caps. The high intensity cool white light output of  320 lumens (approximately equivalent to a 25W halogen bulb) is achieved by using 32 surface mounted LEDs and the light comes complete with sealed flying leads and stainless fixings. At only 21mm high this low profile light is ideal for any commercial, marine or leisure application where it might be exposed to moisture (e.g. awning light, external mounting on a vehicle etc.).

Find out more: Waterproof LED light with touch ON/OFF switch

FUSED TERMINAL CLAMP COVERS - Protection Against Shorts

Although we have stocked fused battery terminal clamps for some time now we have only just received matching covers so are finally able to add them to our range. Made from flexible PVC and available in right or left hand entry options, they provide protection against damage and shorting for your terminal clamps and cube fuses.

Find out more: Fused terminal clamp covers

You can find further detail for all the above items on our New Products page

New products for November 2014

Friday, 28 November 2014  |  Paul

November has seen a variety of new products filling our shelves in the run-up to the festive season, including fused battery clamps, LED hand lamps, Victron battery monitors and rectangular interior lamps from LED Autolamps. 

Will any of them make it onto your Christmas list? Read on for more detail...

MAXIMUM PROTECTION - Fused Battery Terminal Clamps

Fuses are critical in any electrical system to protect the cable from a dangerous over-current situation but it is important to appreciate that only the section of cable after the fuse is protected. In  a typical battery installation it is common to find a short section of cable between the +ve battery terminal and the first fuse, and if this section of cable shorts to ground then the fuse is by-passed and will not protect the cable. Normal practice is to keep this un-protected section as short as possible to minimise the risk, but there is a better solution.....

To eliminate this risk entirely these clever fused battery terminal clamps have the fuse built into the clamp itself, meaning there is a direct, solid connection to the battery post and no unprotected cable to worry about.  If you're looking for maximum protection for your electrical system we highly recommend these.

Fuses are available in ratings from 50A - 300A.

Find out more: Fused battery terminal clamps

HANDS FREE LIGHTING - Cordless LED Hand/Inspection Lamps

These rugged LED hand lamps we've recently added to our range are essential bits of kit for those dark winter evenings spent working on your vehicle or boat. Both models have inspection lamp and torch functions and are fitted with powerful ultra-bright LEDs. They also have magnets and folding hooks built into the bodies to provide numerous mounting options to direct the light exactly where you need it.

For additional lighting flexibility the larger model also has a pivoting head, whereas the smaller telescopic model is more compact and ideal for storage in a tool or glove box.

Both lamps come complete with 240V AC mains and 12V DC in-car chargers. Re-charge time is around 6-7 hrs with an operating time of around 5-6 hrs.

Find out more: LED hand lamps

RUNNING ON EMPTY? - Victron BMV-700/702 Battery Monitors

We often take our batteries for granted, assuming they are performing well without really knowing what's going on inside them. Given our reliance on them wouldn't it be good to be able to monitor their condition and ensure that they are not going to let us down?

The Victron BMV 700 and 702 battery monitors do just this by acting as a fuel gauge for your battery or battery bank and providing a range of information including voltage, current, power, Ah consumed, charge level (%), 'time to go', and total KWh charged/discharged. They are simple to install and setup and contain a host of useful features such as alarms, relay output, auto re-calibration and auto detection of system voltage. In addition to these features, the BMV-702 model has the ability to monitor the voltage of a 2nd battery (typically the starter battery).

Find out more: Victron battery monitors

ILLUMINATING STUFF - Rectangular LED Interior Lights

Our range of LED lighting has expanded again this month with the introduction of these 12V rectangular interior/courtesy lights from LED Autolamps. The surface mounted, low profile design is a perfect replacement for existing incandescent lighting, consuming far less energy yet providing a 120º spread of light equivalent in brightness to that of a 10W bulb.

These lights are 148mm long, 71mm high and only 19.5mm deep. Available with black, grey or white surrounds they will suit a range of applications from work vans though to motorhomes and boats.

Find out more: 12V rectangular LED interior lights

You can find further detail for all the above items on our New Products page



New products for October 2014

Tuesday, 28 October 2014  |  Paul

This month's additions include an expansion to our range of workshop assortment kits, a 3-output 30A Blue Power charger from Victron Energy, white-sheathed tinned marine cable from OceanFlex and LED step lights from LED Autolamps.

GET YOUR GARAGE KITTED OUT - New Workshop Assortment Kits

We've added a couple of new connector assortment kit boxes to our range this month to get your garage or workshop stocked up for the Autumn and Winter. The brass bullet and connector kit is ideal for those of you carrying out a major wiring project as part of a classic car restoration, whilst the Mate N Lok connector and terminal kit will appeal to anyone needing a good selection of high quality, multi-way connectors for general auto or marine use.

Priced at just £46.99 for the brass bullet kit and £49.99 for the Mate N Lok kit, both come in a tough compartmentalised storage case and are great value.

Find out more: Brass bullet and connector kit | Mate N Lok connector kit

CHARGING MORE THAN 1 BATTERY? - Victron 3-Output Charger

If you want to charge more than one battery you can connect them in parallel to charge them from a single charger output, however the batteries should be of the same type, size and age to make sure that they receive equal charge. They should also be discharged as a combined bank to make sure they don't 'age' at different rates which could cause a permanent charging imbalance.

Another option is to use a multi-output charger which allows you to use different batteries, to keep them separated if required and also to discharge them independently without any adverse effects. With this in mind we've extended our existing range of Victron Blue Power multi-stage battery chargers by adding a 30A version with 3 separate outputs. This allows easy connection of multiple batteries for simultaneous charging using Victron's well-proven adaptive charging technology. Designed for professional use, these high-end chargers are extremely well designed and built and will provide many years of reliable service.

Find out more: Victron 30A 3-Output Blue Power Charger

Suggestion - Why not complement your DC charging system by adding 240V AC capability with a Victron high efficiency pure sine wave Inverter?

OCEANFLEX MARINE CABLE - White Sheathed Tinned Cable

OceanFlex cable is a high quality, UK-manufactured, marine grade tinned copper cable for use in harsh environments and we're pleased now to be able to offer versions with a white insulating sheath, making it ideal for those marine installation where the cable is visible. Available with 1.5mm2 (21A) conductors, these 2 and 3 core cables can be supplied by the metre, or on 30m or 100m reels.

Find out more: Tinned copper cable

MIND YOUR STEP - Miniature LED Step Lamps

Vehicle entry illumination can save you from a nasty accident in the dark and if you're going to fit some lighting it might as well look good in addition to being functional. Our new range of step lights from LED Autolamps ticks both these boxes, very effectively lighting steps and entrance-ways with a minimalist contemporary design in a range of colours. At only 65mm wide by 30mm high, these miniature lamps are very discrete and throw a beam of light outwards and downwards thanks to the hooded-housing design. Priced at £11.99 each, they're suitable for external or internal use and are multi-voltage so can be used with 12 or 24V systems.

You can find further detail for all the above items on our New Products page

Slimline, Low-Cost LED Work Lamps Now In Stock - 10-30V

Thursday, 2 October 2014  |  Paul

We've recently added some slim-line, low cost, LED work lamps to our range which are ideal for general task lighting or for fitting to bumpers or grilles as driving lights.

Earlier this year we added a range of LED work and flood lamps to our catalogue and have recently increased this range with the addition of two new slimline, low-cost lights. Available in square or round designs, these lamps are only 38mm deep making them perfect for front-mounting applications such as on bumpers, grilles or light bars. They can be mounted using either the supplied bolt and adjustable bracket or fixed directly to a vertical flat surface via the 4 threaded holes on the rear of the housing.

Both lights are multi-voltage so are suitable for 12V or 24V systems, use ultra-bright 3W LEDs and have outputs of 800 lumens (square design) and 1000 lumens (round design). Waterproof to IP68, with an alloy housing and stainless steel hardware and tough polycarbonate lenses, these lamps are fully protected from the elements and built to last.  Both are priced at £29.99 (Inc. VAT).

Click the following links to go to the product pages and find out more.

Square lamp

Round lamp

Switched LED Strip Lights Now Available

Thursday, 2 October 2014  |  Paul

We're pleased to announce that we can now offer switched versions of our popular 300 and 600mm long LED strip lights from LED Autolamps. These lights are low profile and slim-line and will look great in any vehicle or boat interior.

LED Autolamps have recently introduced these lights following high demand for the standard versions and customer feedback requesting a built-in switch. The switch is fitted in the centre of the lens and is sealed to prevent dirt and moisture entering the housing which is a nice feature not found on many lights on the market. They operate on 12V and are available in 300mm long or 600mm long versions with a clear lens and white end caps (separate chrome end caps are available).

LEDs draw far less current, provides equivalent lighting performance, don't emit any significant heat, are resistant to impact and vibration and have a typical lifetime of 10,000 hours - no wonder so many people are changing to LED lighting.

Click here to go to the product page and find out more.

New products - Victron Battery Chargers & Solar Panel Kits + USB Power Sockets

Wednesday, 13 August 2014  |  Paul

We've introduced a raft of exciting new products to our ever-growing range this month, this time with a focus on power management. We are now stocking Victron Blue Power multi-stage battery chargers to complement our existing range of entry-level chargers and we have a selection of solar panel kits for DIY installation in 50W-140W sizes, based on the high performance Victron BlueSolar panels and controllers.  To keep your mobile devices powered when you're on the move we also now have a range of USB 2.1A fast-charge power sockets available.

Multi-Stage Battery Chargers

If you have a campervan, motorhome, caravan, boat or other vehicle that has a deep-cycle auxiliary or leisure battery (or batteries) installed then you will want to be able to re-charge it from mains power when available. Many standard starter battery chargers won't achieve full re-charging of a leisure battery because the charging has to take place in controlled stages, so this is where dedicated multi-stage or 'smart' chargers need to be used.

We already stock a range of entry-level chargers from UK manufacturer Rovert Electrical and have now added a range of professional quality chargers from Dutch power management specialists Victron Energy. All of these chargers feature controlled multi-stage charging with a range of features and will maintain your battery in optimum condition; maximising its serviceable lifetime.

Find out more here.

LATEST UPDATE - In the next couple of weeks we'll also have available a range of professional quality Victron 12V power inverters (12V DC to 230V AC) in 180W, 350W, 800W & 1200W outputs. Keep an eye on our New Products section for more info.

DIY Solar Panel Kits 50W-140W

Solar power is a free, environmentally-friendly and extremely useful additional battery charging source for any leisure or marine electrical system. Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels provide charge in all weather conditions and when sized correctly for your battery capacity and anticipated usage can provide enough charging output to allow you to travel indefinitely without needing to connect to site or shore mains power. Fitting a small solar panel can also help maintain your battery condition whilst your vehicle is in storage, increasing battery life and eliminating the need for periodic charging.

Our range of high quality solar panel kits from Victron Energy contain everything you need for a straightforward DIY installation to your caravan, motorhome, campervan or boat.

We have kits from 50W to 140W with both single and twin output charge controllers depending on whether you need to charge 1 or 2 batteries. 

Find out more here.

USB Power Sockets

We've been expecting these to be with us for a while now but they're finally here and were definitely worth the wait. Our new range of 12V/24V USB 2.0 power sockets provide high power charging for your ipad, smart phone, tablet or other mobile device whilst on the move. Featuring a 2.1A high current output these will charge your device at the same speed as your mains wall charger at home. Their smart looking, impact-resistant nylon construction ensures they'll withstand a few knocks and the rubber covers protect the sockets from dirt and moisture.

Three models are available:

All models come complete with fixings and polarity-marked terminals, making installation hassle-free.

Find out more here.

New interior LED lighting range now available

Tuesday, 15 July 2014  |  Paul

LED lighting is rapidly becoming standard equipment on new vehicles and boats thanks to the advantages it has over traditional incandescent lighting. It draws far less current, provides equivalent lighting performance, doesn't emit any significant heat and can withstand vibration and shock that might otherwise break a bulb filament. See the benefit for yourself by switching to LEDs with our range of energy efficient interior lighting.

Our range of interior LED lights includes a selection of modern styles from well respected brands in the automotive, marine and leisure markets such as LED Autolamps and Frilight and covers the following applications:


  • Extremely low current draw makes the most of your available battery capacity (typically 0.1A depending on power output) 
  • No energy wasted in producing heat
  • An operating lifetime of 10,000+ hours
  • Lighting performance equivalent to that of incandescent bulbs
  • Shock and vibration resistant - no filament to break

So if you are converting a vehicle or fitting out a boat why not discover the benefits of LED lighting? Check out our range here.


Prevent Harmful Over-Discharge Of Your Leisure Battery With Our Battery Guards

Tuesday, 24 June 2014  |  Paul

One of the best ways to 'kill' a leisure battery and reduce its lifespan is to discharge it too deeply, which can cause irreversible damage, lowering its performance and ability to hold charge. You can now protect your battery from an over-discharge situation using our programmable battery guards from European power conversion specialist Samlex. 

These battery guards work by continuously monitoring the battery voltage and disconnecting it from the consumers when it reaches a user-selectable low voltage-threshold. They also disconnect the battery in an over-voltage situation, so protecting sensitive electronic appliances from damage resulting from faulty alternators or chargers.


  • Auto-shut-off at under-voltage
  • 10 programmable low voltage thresholds
  • Auto-shut off at fixed-value over voltage (16V/32V)
  • Robust FET technology- no moving contacts to wear out
  • Waterproof (40A-200A versions)
  • Auto selects 12V or 24V battery voltage (no need to programme)
  • Remote On/Off capability (40A-200A versions)
  • Output for alarm/warning light etc. (40A-200A versions)
  • LED to indicate operation (40A-200A versions)
  • Extremely low current consumption and voltage drop

These battery guards are available in five models capable of carrying 18A, 40A, 60A, 100A and 200A continuous loads. You should determine the maximum current you are likely to draw from your battery and then choose a battery guard that has at least this current rating. For more information click here.

In addition to using a battery guard it is essential that your leisure battery is re-charged using a good-quality multi-stage battery charger such as our Rovert Electrical automatic chargers (available in 12A,  20A and 25A outputs)  in order to maximise its useful life.


Multi-stage automatic leisure battery chargers now available - Made In The UK!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014  |  Paul

To complement our recently introduced mains installation kits and hook-up accessories we have now added a range of leisure battery chargers in 12A, 20A & 25A outputs. Re-charging with a dedicated multi-stage charger will prolong the life of your battery and keep it in top condition whilst connected to 240V power.

These high-quality, 3-stage battery chargers from UK manufacturer Rovert Electrical are fully automatic so you can leave them permanently powered without damaging your battery, They are capable of charging traditional wet lead-acid batteries as well as AGM/Gel types and can recover 'dead' batteries that have been deeply discharged and which might otherwise have to be replaced.

An additional feature of these chargers is that they can be used as Power Supply Units (PSU) to directly power 12V appliances if your leisure batteries are totally flat and they have in-built protection against short-circuit, over-current and thermal overload. They also have outputs to connect up a remote LED so you can check that they are operating.


  • Controlled multi-stage charging
  • Charges traditional wet lead-acid and AGM/Gel batteries
  • Can recover batteries drained to a low voltage level
  • Fully automatic charging (can be left on without damaging the battery)
  • Remote LED connection
  • Illuminated on/off switch
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Can also be used as a Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  • LED indication of operating mode (Charger Mode- green LED / PSU Mode - yellow LED)
  • Conforms to all the latest standards
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

These chargers should be hard-wired into a 6A (max) miniature circuit breaker (MCB) such as the one in our mains installation kit.

Rovert Electrical's chargers are used by OEM vehicle converters/manufacturers in fire & security, medical and commercial applications so you can be assured of a high level of reliability and build quality.

For more information click here.

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