Expanded Range of Blue Sea Systems Products

1 Comment27 June 2023

Blue Sea Systems are marine specialists based in the US who design and manufacture high-quality components and accessories for the demanding environments of the marine and specialised vehicle markets. We have expanded our range of their products due to popular demand!

Many of their products are ignition protected for use around fuel and most of them are water-resistant so they are perfect for use in marine applications.

Firstly, we have a large range of their fuse boxes and inline holders suitable for various applications, ranging in sizes and fuse types. We are also stocking ranges of their panel mounted and surface mounted circuit breakers. We are bringing in the 187-Series ranging from 25A-200A and the 285-Series ranging from 25A-150A. 

One of the fusing modules we are now stocking is the 5023 ST Blade Battery Terminal Mount Fuse Block. This block gives you the option to fuse directly at the battery terminal, like a terminal cube fuse, except that it has 4 individual feeds to connect to lower current loads. This device eliminates the need for running an unprotected cable to a busbar and still offers you the advantage of reducing the number of connections on your battery terminal, but you can still add various ring terminals for larger gauge cables on top of this device. We are also stocking a kit that includes a negative busbar, as shown below.


Along with these, we have a variety of battery isolation and battery selector switches available in different configurations. Click here to view these.

Over the next few weeks we will also be offering an expanded range of Blue Sea Systems' high quality panel meters for temperature, voltage and current display, available in blue and yellow versions. These have a super bright OLED display and are waterproof, so are perfect for use in boat cockpits and other locations exposed to the elements. To view the entire range, click this link.

If you have any questions regarding this article or anything else regarding your electrical system, get in touch with us at sales@12voltplanet.co.uk and we will be happy to assist you.

Mike Burton
28 June 2023  |  18:32

Very pleased to hear that you are offering Blue Sea products. I have used their kit for years and now have a US built boat which is Blue Sea equipped throughout. Being able to order from 12V will save a lot of trawling around for their products. Hopefully you will stock a wide range such as that offered by West Marine who no longer accept orders from UK.

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