Portasol Pro Piezo 75 Gas Soldering Iron Kit now available

23 May 2014  |  Paul

Have you ever tried a butane gas-powered soldering iron? Once you have we're pretty sure you'll never go back to a mains powered one again.

Gas powered soldering irons give you the freedom to work where mains power isn't readily available and the lack of trailing cable means they're ideal for use in cramped and confined spaces often found in vehicles and on-board boats.

The professional Pro Piezo 75 Kit is extremely versatile and as well as soldering can be used to shrink sleeving and cut and seal rope with the various tips supplied  - once you start using one you'll find all sorts of uses for it (in fact you could probably even light a BBQ with it if you get stuck...!).

This compact iron takes only 30 seconds from start up to reach working temperature and can run for 60 min on a full re-fill of butane. It has adjustable power between 15 & 75W and in-built piezo ignition so you just click to ignite.

The kit is supplied in a strong storage case with the following accessories:

  • 2.4mm soldering tip
  • flame nozzle
  • hot air nozzle
  • hot knife tip
  • heat deflector
  • sponge and cup
  • stand

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