Latest news for April 2017

11 April 2017  |  Paul

Expanded range of battery chargers, YouTube wiring video and supporting and visiting friends.

The latest addition this month is an expansion to our battery chargers. We are proud to now offer the PPT Premium Multi-Stage charger. This range is aimed at those wanting a high performance multi-stage charger with a good set of features but at a lower cost compared with some of the larger manufacturers. 

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Mongol Rally & Brookes Racing Team Visit

If you follow our social media channels you may have seen our recent visit to the Oxford Brookes Racing Team who we are helping prepare for a new season. Chatting with the Meghann and the team we are very excited to continue our support and we will keep you updates as to their progress.

We also have updates from the TCB Team in the Mongol Rally 2017, They have been using our goods and have seeked further support for their charities. Luckily they have also managed to get at least one of there many visas needed all sorted but there is still plenty to do. We will continue to keep you posted.

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12 Volt Planet TV

We are currently reviewing our YouTube page, working on further videos & hoping to continue posting new videos soon. We have added 1 video for customer to help with our LED Touch Switch Lights.

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