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21 October 2015  |  Paul

An extended range of Anderson Power Product's industry leading connectors hits our warehouse shelves this month, plus a 10-way waterproof fuse box for those tough environments.  We are also now stocking a range of adaptors to interface Superseal connectors with convoluted sleeving, providing your wiring harnesses with better protection and a professional finish.

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Anderson Powerpole Connectors - Smart, Simple, Versatile

Powerpole connectors from Anderson Power Products provide a smart, simple and extremely versatile connection solution for cable sizes from 1.5mm2 up to 35mm2.  They are a genderless design, so just flip one housing upside down and push it together with another of the same size to make a connection. They can also be interlocked side-to-side, top-to-bottom and at 90º to each other to form banks of connectors in multiple configurations, allowing blocks to be keyed and prevent incorrect connection.

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Superseal To Convoluted Sleeving Adaptors  - Connection Protection

These clever adaptors allow you to easily and neatly connect 10mm OD convoluted sleeving to 2, 3 or 4-way Superseal connectors, providing un-interrupted protection for your cable and creating an extremely professional finish to your wiring harnesses. The grooves in the sleeving sit tightly inside the adaptor, creating a solid interface with high pull-off force that provides effective strain relief and prevents accidental damage to the cable during connection and disconnection. Available in straight or 90º swivel versions.

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10-Way Waterproof Fusebox  - IP56 For Tough Environments

This high quality, rugged fusebox is designed for use in damp environments such as engine compartments, bilges, cockpits and even external mounting on vehicles. It has 10 holders for automotive-style blade fuses and features red LEDs against each circuit to indicate fuse failure.  A ribbed silicone seal runs around the fuse compartment forming a waterproof seal against the lid, whilst a rubber gasket ensures a watertight fitting between the rear of the fusebox and the panel surface. There are also 6 additional slots to store spare fuses so they're to hand when you need them.

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