New products for March - Horns, Marine Distribution Block and Low Cost Crimp Tool

21 March 2014  |  Paul

It's been a really busy month again at 12VP HQ with several new product lines added to our ever-expanding range.

If your horn is getting a bit tired and worn or you just need something with a bit more ooomph then we've got a selection of models to suit all tastes. Our range of power distribution components now benefits from the addition of a 4-way dual busbar unit and we're very pleased finally to be stocking a low cost, heavy-duty terminal crimping tool.


Our 12V horns include simple universal disc types, chromed horns, twin 'snail' horns, klaxon horns and compressor driven air horns for cars, boats, bikes and any other vehicle running a 12V system. If you have a feeble sounding horn that's seen better days and want something with a bit more volume then check out our nautilus twin trumpet horn which is incredibly loud but still quite compact. Alternatively, perhaps your classic car needs some sprucing up before the Summer in which case our slotted chrome horn with variable tone might be just what you need.


Dual 4-Terminal Power Distribution Block

For those of you installing an electrical system on a boat our marine grade dual 4 terminal power block offers a very versatile and compact power distribution method. There are 4 high current terminals on each of the +ve and -ve busbars as well as 3 smaller screw terminals each side for lower current circuits. 

This block offers a convenient way of splitting a single power input into multiple circuits and consolidating ground returns back to a single output. This unit is rated 250A @ 12V DC and is suitable for use with all DC systems up to 48V.  All the fixings are stainless steel to resist corrosion in a marine environment  and there is an optional cover available to prevent accidental shorting of the terminals.

Low-Cost Sprung Loaded Terminal Crimping Tool

One of the issues faced by DIY-installers is how to crimp terminals to larger sized cable without having to invest in a set of professional hex crimpers that might only be used a few times. They can be soldered but soldering alone isn't recommended as vibrations over time can cause solder cracks and connection failure.

Well this great little heavy duty crimping tool is the perfect solution to this problem. It's simple, compact, low cost  and produces a high quality crimp which is ideal for occasional use by the DIY-er. 

The sprung-loaded, hardened steel punch holds the terminal down securely against the die, leaving you with both hands free to either hit the punch with a hammer or squeeze it in a vice to make a high quality, long lasting crimp.


You can find out more about these products by visiting our New Products Page.


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