New products for February...Micro relays and power distribution box

5 February 2014  |  Paul

We've expanded our range of relays this month with the addition of micro relays and a relay socket and 7-way relay box. We're also now stocking a compact mega and midi fuse box for power distribution and 3-core coiled cable. There's a summary of the products below and you can find out more detail in our NEW PRODUCTS section.

Micro relays

Micro relays are identical in operation to standard relays only in a smaller footprint, making them ideal for applications where space is limited. Our range features make and break (4-pin) and changeover (5-pin) relay types, both of which are available with or without a voltage spike suppression diode across the coil.


Micro relay socket and 7-way box

Micro relays don't have built in mounting brackets so our single micro relay socket is ideal to house them in, and if you have a few to mount then the sockets slide together to form a neat, multi-socket block.

If you have a bank of relays to install then consider our 7-way micro relay box which is a great bit of kit and packs lots of relays into a small space. This box can even join together with our 4-way standard relay box and our 16-way blade fuse box so you can create unlimited fuse and relay unit configurations.


Mega fuse and midi fuse power distribution box

This tough fuse box is ideal for distributing power to multiple electrical systems around a vehicle. The main feed in is to a mega fuse location which then feeds a further 4 midi (or strip) fuse locations via 2 copper strips. The Mega fuse location has 2 cable entry options with a further 6 cable entry options for the 4 midi fuse locations, providing a number of versatile wiring configurations to suit your application.

3-Core Retractable Coiled Cable - 3 x 1.0mm2

Ideal for wiring up non-permanent accessories and equipment. Kink resistant polyurethane sleeving with a max. working length of 3m.


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