New products for April 2016 UK-made switch panels

27 April 2016  |  Paul

This month we're continuing to expand our range of high quality products from marine electrical experts, Blue Sea Systems, and are pleased to introduce a range of UK-made switch panels for those wanting an integrated solution to circuit switching and protection.

Switch Panels

These switch panels fill a gap in our product range by offering a solution to those customers wanting integrated switching and circuit protection. UK-made using high quality Carling switchgear, they are stylish and robust and come pre-wired so there's minimal work involved during installation. Available in various configurations including switches only, switches/fuses or switches/circuit-breakers, plus there is a matching twin-battery status meter in the range. Some panels are water-resistant and suitable for use in cockpit areas where exposure to spray and rain is likely. All variants come with self-adhesive legend sets.

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Blue Sea Systems Terminal Blocks

Blue Sea Systems are a leader in the field of marine electrics, producing some very high quality components, so we thought it was time to expand our offering from them. These rugged terminal blocks are a much more professional solution to making multi-way connections than flexible terminal strips. 'Jumpers' are also available to 'common' together individual circuits, meaning you can have a mixture of individual circuits and busbar circuits in a single unit, allowing greater flexibility in your system design. Available in 20A and 30A ratings with 2 to 10 circuits per block.

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Blue Sea Systems 'Feed-Through' Power Connectors

Sticking with Blue Sea Systems we are also now stocking these feed-through power connectors which provide a very convenient method of routing large gauge cable through bulkheads, decks and hulls. They eliminate cable strain at the pass-through point, are very tough and are rated to IP66 for a waterproof connection.

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Panel Mounted, Switchable Circuit Breakers

Adding to our range of already popular surface mounted switchable circuit breakers, we can now offer panel mounted versions in 50A, 80A & 100A ratings.

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