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7 March 2022  |  Paul

As the automotive industry continues its inexorable shift towards electric vehicles, VW has released some details on the electric-rebirth of its classic Transporter model. Volkswagen vans are a culture classic of van life and a firm favourite of many, and as the EV market grows Volkswagen needs an electric model to continue to make a statement, and they are hoping the ID.Buzz can do just that. The ID.Buzz is touted as the 'next generation of the multi-purpose vehicle (MPV)' and VW are hoping it will build on the success of their iconic, IC-powered Transporter models. The ID.Buzz Cargo, aimed at commercial users, promises to be one of the most advanced light commercial vehicles ever made, with loads of space and fast charging.

ID Buzz Electric Camper Van

First released as a concept in 2017, the VW ID Buzz has undergone years of testing and is now set for its premiere on March 9th, with sales in Europe due by mid-2022 and in the US by late-2023. Insiders claim the Buzz is expected to be released in both single-motor RWD and dual-motor AWD configurations, with battery packs of between 83kWh to 111kWh that will form part of the floor to reinforce the vehicle’s structure and lower its centre of gravity. Using Modular Electric Drive kit (MEB) the Buzz offers lots of space, with the concept vehicle having a payload of 800kg and measuring 5,048 mm long, 1,976 mm wide, and 1,963 mm tall with a wheelbase of 3,300 mm.

Although official ranges have yet to be confirmed, experts predict the Buzz will last 275 to 350 miles between charges, depending on battery size, and will come with a built-in solar panel to help extend the range further (up to 15km a day). Its battery can be charged up to 80% within 15 minutes thanks to its 150 kW DC fast-charging system. 

Electric Camper Van

The ID.Buzz has a lot of interesting features such as flexible seating that allows you to easily create even more space in a few simple steps. AR technology is also integrated, allowing directional signals to appear overlaid on the road in front of you, making navigation easier. One fascinating feature is the new intelligent LED ‘eyes’ that communicate with drivers and pedestrians. For example, if you’re turning a corner, the headlights will point in the direction you’re looking at going. If the ID. Buzz notices any pedestrians or cyclists on the edge of the road it can even look towards them and use subtle light signals to let them know you’re there. A new touchpad steering wheel is also featured which does away with traditional knobs and switches for a cleaner & more elegant look.

The commercial-biased ID.Buzz Cargo, meanwhile, boasts an integrated laptop in the centre console, rear view cameras and screens, autonomous driving & a rear-axle steering system combined with the large turn-in angle of the front wheels, which provides an extremely tight turning circle.

Whilst production specification is still not fully released, we're excited about the ID.Buzz & Buzz Cargo and what it will bring to the market and we'll keep you posted once more details are released. 

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