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1 Comment10 November 2022

In today's blog we are going to look at some of the options available to you when considering how to deal with switching for your circuits. Switch panels can help keep control of your circuits in one place whilst also helping keep the style and look of your system in line with your design. 

Off The Shelf

Ready-made, off-the-shelf switch panels usually come pre-wired and in a variety of styles, often featuring integrated fuses or circuit breakers. These panels are compact and very easy to install, needing little more than 1 or 2 wired connections to the battery or main fuse box before feeding out to your appliances. These panels can, however, be limiting as they are often designed for low amperage systems meaning they may not be suitable for use with inverters or other high draw equipment. If the panel has integrated fuses they can often be changed for a different rating to suit each particular circuit, however, if fitted with circuit breakers these will be a fixed current value and might not meet the needs of the circuits you are intending to run.

When considering fitting this type of panel it is worth looking at the overall current rating of the panel to make sure it can handle the loads, and checking that the circuit breakers fitted have current ratings that are suitable for your needs.

CBE Modules

CBE's modular switching system is an off-the-shelf switch & socket system that is customisable. The switches are modular and are sold separately from the surrounds, so you can mix & match modules and configure the panel to find the best style and current rating for your needs. This makes the system extremely flexible & the modular design makes them it to install. Simply insert the module you require into a support frame & finish off with an outer frame in a colour that matches your interior design. CBE produces a large number of modules (switches, fuses, USB sockets, 12V sockets, AC sockets, TV outlets etc.) to suit most applications, however, you may find that there isn't a type to suit all your needs, so that might rule this system out in some circumstances.

As with ready-made switch panels, the CBE switches are intended for lower current applications such as lights, water pumps etc, so wouldn't be suitable for high current draw appliances like inverters.

Making Your Own 

Making your own switch panel using our range of individual switches is one way to ensure the set-up works exactly as you want it to for your system. By making your own panel you can choose the type of switches, configurations and current ratings that best suit. This also enables you to incorporate other items into the panel such as power sockets, volt meters etc.

Whilst this undoubtedly involves more time and effort in terms of planning, design, construction and wiring, it does mean you are free to be really creative with your design come up with something unique to your build. Maybe mount the switches in a nice piece of wood for that natural look, or use brushed steel for more contemporary interiors. If you don't want them in sight then you can dispense with a panel altogether and mount individual switches discretely out of the way for a truly minimalist effect. Bear in mind that you will need to use a separate fuse box to protect the circuits so allow room for this when planning your layout.

If you have any questions on switching, fusing or any other aspects of planning your system, please contact our support team.

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