Sterling Power's 2022 Battery-to-Battery Chargers

14 September 2022  |  Paul

Today we will be taking a look at the new Sterling Power Battery-To-Battery Charger models for 2022. Following the popular BB1230 & BB1260, the new 2022 versions come with new features and a new look, but the same high performance you have come to expect. We'll look at some of the key changes from the previous models and how they might benefit your installation.

New Look 2022 Battery To Battery Chargers

The first thing you will likely notice in the new 2022 models is the completely revised case design. In comparison with older models, Sterling has aimed for a more simple layout with only 1 button and a cleaner display, which also helps make the unit more user-friendly. The red cover now offers a cleaner look, making the unit a lot easier on the eye than previous models & the new metal case brings peace of mind that the unit is robust and hardwearing.  

To enable a cleaner design, Sterling has moved some of the lesser used features (such as custom charge profiles, current limiting etc.), to the optional remote control.

Sterling Power 2022 Battery-to-Battery chargers

*Previous model of DC-DC Charger

Easy Set-Up

As mentioned in the above section, the unit is now much easier to set up with only 1 button used to cycle through the battery charge settings (of which there are 6) which is a huge improvement on the previous models. To help with the set-up there are now 2 LEDs to indicate the battery option selected instead of the 18 that were found on the previous models! The cable entry area has also seen changes with the auxiliary connections being easier to access and connect, and whilst those with Euro 6 engines may still opt to use an ignition connection, this is no longer necessary as the new vibration-sense mode allows the unit to detect when the vehicle is running and start charging the leisure battery. The new design therefore makes even the wiring up of the new unit more straightforward than the older models.

Sterling Power Battery to Battery charger

Higher Capacity & Efficiency

The new 2022 battery-to-battery chargers all come with higher current capacities than the previous models. Now available in 40A, 70A & 120A, users can benefit from a faster charge rate from the unit which is particularly applicable when using lithum batteries. The chargers can also be run in parallel and have current output limted, enabling you to scale your charge capacity up and down accordingly. Using bulk boost technology, the new 2022 DC-DC Chargers boast a high efficiency of 92-98% (depending on the model) which is better than that of the Victron Orion DC-DC Chargers (87% efficiency).

Sterling Power continues to create world-class products in the automotive industry and this unit is a prime example of their work to continually improve the performance of their products. For more information on the 2022 models please click the product below or contact our sales team. 

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