New products - Victron Battery Chargers & Solar Panel Kits + USB Power Sockets

13 August 2014  |  Paul

We've introduced a raft of exciting new products to our ever-growing range this month, this time with a focus on power management. We are now stocking Victron Blue Power multi-stage battery chargers to complement our existing range of entry-level chargers and we have a selection of solar panel kits for DIY installation in 50W-140W sizes, based on the high performance Victron BlueSolar panels and controllers.  To keep your mobile devices powered when you're on the move we also now have a range of USB 2.1A fast-charge power sockets available.

Multi-Stage Battery Chargers

If you have a campervan, motorhome, caravan, boat or other vehicle that has a deep-cycle auxiliary or leisure battery (or batteries) installed then you will want to be able to re-charge it from mains power when available. Many standard starter battery chargers won't achieve full re-charging of a leisure battery because the charging has to take place in controlled stages, so this is where dedicated multi-stage or 'smart' chargers need to be used.

We already stock a range of entry-level chargers from UK manufacturer Rovert Electrical and have now added a range of professional quality chargers from Dutch power management specialists Victron Energy. All of these chargers feature controlled multi-stage charging with a range of features and will maintain your battery in optimum condition; maximising its serviceable lifetime.

Find out more here.

LATEST UPDATE - In the next couple of weeks we'll also have available a range of professional quality Victron 12V power inverters (12V DC to 230V AC) in 180W, 350W, 800W & 1200W outputs. Keep an eye on our New Products section for more info.

DIY Solar Panel Kits 50W-140W

Solar power is a free, environmentally-friendly and extremely useful additional battery charging source for any leisure or marine electrical system. Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels provide charge in all weather conditions and when sized correctly for your battery capacity and anticipated usage can provide enough charging output to allow you to travel indefinitely without needing to connect to site or shore mains power. Fitting a small solar panel can also help maintain your battery condition whilst your vehicle is in storage, increasing battery life and eliminating the need for periodic charging.

Our range of high quality solar panel kits from Victron Energy contain everything you need for a straightforward DIY installation to your caravan, motorhome, campervan or boat.

We have kits from 50W to 140W with both single and twin output charge controllers depending on whether you need to charge 1 or 2 batteries. 

Find out more here.

USB Power Sockets

We've been expecting these to be with us for a while now but they're finally here and were definitely worth the wait. Our new range of 12V/24V USB 2.0 power sockets provide high power charging for your ipad, smart phone, tablet or other mobile device whilst on the move. Featuring a 2.1A high current output these will charge your device at the same speed as your mains wall charger at home. Their smart looking, impact-resistant nylon construction ensures they'll withstand a few knocks and the rubber covers protect the sockets from dirt and moisture.

Three models are available:

All models come complete with fixings and polarity-marked terminals, making installation hassle-free.

Find out more here.

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