New products for October 2014

28 October 2014  |  Paul

This month's additions include an expansion to our range of workshop assortment kits, a 3-output 30A Blue Power charger from Victron Energy, white-sheathed tinned marine cable from OceanFlex and LED step lights from LED Autolamps.

GET YOUR GARAGE KITTED OUT - New Workshop Assortment Kits

We've added a couple of new connector assortment kit boxes to our range this month to get your garage or workshop stocked up for the Autumn and Winter. The brass bullet and connector kit is ideal for those of you carrying out a major wiring project as part of a classic car restoration, whilst the Mate N Lok connector and terminal kit will appeal to anyone needing a good selection of high quality, multi-way connectors for general auto or marine use.

Priced at just £46.99 for the brass bullet kit and £49.99 for the Mate N Lok kit, both come in a tough compartmentalised storage case and are great value.

Find out more: Brass bullet and connector kit | Mate N Lok connector kit

CHARGING MORE THAN 1 BATTERY? - Victron 3-Output Charger

If you want to charge more than one battery you can connect them in parallel to charge them from a single charger output, however the batteries should be of the same type, size and age to make sure that they receive equal charge. They should also be discharged as a combined bank to make sure they don't 'age' at different rates which could cause a permanent charging imbalance.

Another option is to use a multi-output charger which allows you to use different batteries, to keep them separated if required and also to discharge them independently without any adverse effects. With this in mind we've extended our existing range of Victron Blue Power multi-stage battery chargers by adding a 30A version with 3 separate outputs. This allows easy connection of multiple batteries for simultaneous charging using Victron's well-proven adaptive charging technology. Designed for professional use, these high-end chargers are extremely well designed and built and will provide many years of reliable service.

Find out more: Victron 30A 3-Output Blue Power Charger

Suggestion - Why not complement your DC charging system by adding 240V AC capability with a Victron high efficiency pure sine wave Inverter?

OCEANFLEX MARINE CABLE - White Sheathed Tinned Cable

OceanFlex cable is a high quality, UK-manufactured, marine grade tinned copper cable for use in harsh environments and we're pleased now to be able to offer versions with a white insulating sheath, making it ideal for those marine installation where the cable is visible. Available with 1.5mm2 (21A) conductors, these 2 and 3 core cables can be supplied by the metre, or on 30m or 100m reels.

Find out more: Tinned copper cable

MIND YOUR STEP - Miniature LED Step Lamps

Vehicle entry illumination can save you from a nasty accident in the dark and if you're going to fit some lighting it might as well look good in addition to being functional. Our new range of step lights from LED Autolamps ticks both these boxes, very effectively lighting steps and entrance-ways with a minimalist contemporary design in a range of colours. At only 65mm wide by 30mm high, these miniature lamps are very discrete and throw a beam of light outwards and downwards thanks to the hooded-housing design. Priced at £11.99 each, they're suitable for external or internal use and are multi-voltage so can be used with 12 or 24V systems.

You can find further detail for all the above items on our New Products page

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