New interior LED lighting range now available

15 July 2014  |  Paul

LED lighting is rapidly becoming standard equipment on new vehicles and boats thanks to the advantages it has over traditional incandescent lighting. It draws far less current, provides equivalent lighting performance, doesn't emit any significant heat and can withstand vibration and shock that might otherwise break a bulb filament. See the benefit for yourself by switching to LEDs with our range of energy efficient interior lighting.

Our range of interior LED lights includes a selection of modern styles from well respected brands in the automotive, marine and leisure markets such as LED Autolamps and Frilight and covers the following applications:


  • Extremely low current draw makes the most of your available battery capacity (typically 0.1A depending on power output) 
  • No energy wasted in producing heat
  • An operating lifetime of 10,000+ hours
  • Lighting performance equivalent to that of incandescent bulbs
  • Shock and vibration resistant - no filament to break

So if you are converting a vehicle or fitting out a boat why not discover the benefits of LED lighting? Check out our range here.


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