Navigation Lights

25 August 2022  |  Paul

To help our customers comply with The International Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea we are happy to announce the launch of a range of Navigation Lights for Boats. With a wide selection in both 1NM or 2NM visibility ratings, we have lights suitable for boats of various lengths. 

Navigation lights are very important for boat owners and are to be used between sunset and sunrise and at all other times when visibility is restricted. Different rules apply to different vessels depending on the size, if in motion or if propelled by an engine, so it is important to make sure you know which lights you'll need. You can use this help document provided by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) for more guidance - click here.

With both black, white & chrome options available, you should be able to find lights that can seamlessly blend in with the style of your Boat whilst also meeting the regulatory requirements.

All our lights use low-power LEDs, meaning they can also help reduce your energy requirements whilst at sea and are long lasting, with some versions having replaceable LED bulbs.

See here for our full range of Navigation Lights for Boats

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