Latest news for November 2016

16 November 2016  |  Paul

This month we've added an LED Brightness Guide and Technical FAQ Section to our Knowledge Centre. We've also reduced shipping charges for Highlands & Islands destinations - great news for our customers in those more remote areas!

LED Brightness Guide

One of the questions we are often asked about our range of LED lights is 'How bright are they?'.  This is difficult to answer as LED lights cannot be directly compared with traditional incandescent light bulbs because they draw much less power for an equivalent light output. Most of us have a rough idea of how bright a 60W incandescent bulb is but we would probably have no idea how bright a 5W LED light would be. The brightness of LED lights is quoted in Effective Lumens and we have created a quick guide so you can compare traditional lighting wattages with Effective Lumens when deciding which LED lights are right for you.

Find out more: LED Lighting Brightness Guide

Frequently Asked Technical Questions

We often get asked the same sort of questions in relation to various 12V topics and we thought it was about time to pull together all the answers into a handy reference guide. So we've created a 12 Volt FAQs section in our Knowledge Centre and hopefully all your technical questions will be answered!

Find out more: 12 Volt FAQs

Highlands & Islands Shipping Costs Reducing

We are pleased to announce that from 1st December we will be bringing our shipping charges for Highlands and Islands destinations in line with the rest of the Mainland UK. So regardless of whether you live in London or Jersey you'll benefit from the same low, flat rate charge of £2.95 for standard shipping on all orders up to £100 and receive FREE shipping for all orders over £100.

See our Delivery & Returns section from 1st December for full details.



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