Interview with Alex Frood of Mispronounced Adventures

3 November 2022

Today we sat down with Alex Frood of Misprounced Adventures who travels the world in his van. Alex is an expedition leader: leading groups, and performing reconnaissance in places such as Peru, China, Namibia & more. 

Alex Frood Misprounced Adventures

Alex is also known for his low-voltage engineering, taking off-the-shelf products and working out the best way to use them in his build. His amazing knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking have allowed him to come up with ingenious ways to increase the performance of products and allow his electrical system to work in such extreme conditions, whilst also working day-to-day. 

Misprounced Adventures

Having completed an epic sub-zero arctic trip earlier this year, Alex walks us through what preparations he made to the van, what lessons he learned along the way, and discusses his next epic adventure. This fascinating interview was a real insight into how out-of-the-box thinking can benefit anyone's build.

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