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28 October 2021  |  Paul

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In today's article we will look at why buying a ready-made 12 volt wiring or installation kit may not be the best idea for your electrical set-up.

Whilst 12 volt kits can be extremely helpful in providing you with all the items you need, already made ready to be installed, this only works if the kit is designed with you in mind. The reality sadly we have found is most kits will include items you simply don't need or sell you more of something you only need a certain number of. 

Common kits include a wiring harness already crimped with terminals ready to simply be attached to the unit you are powering but they will often come in pre-set sizes for example a 1m Kit, 5m Kit or 10m kit. So if you need 5.5m of cable you would need to pay for a 10m kit? You would also need to find a way to incorporating the extra 4.5m to keep it out of the way. If the creator of the kit/harness has taken voltage drop into account because they know the type of equipment you're running by being forced to buy a long run you're also being forced to buy a larger size as you would need cable to handle voltage drop over 10m instead of 5.5m.  

Some kits may also claim they are suitable for your vehicle - Split Charge Kit for Mercedes Sprinter 2004. These kits are designed to be installed in a certain way, Ie: battery under the seat, No more than 30A being drawn through the fusebox, only 3 lights that may not work for you. What if your battery won't fit under the seat? What if you want an inverter that draws more than 30A? now you need to adapt the kit by buying extra items like a new fuse box, Larger cable or even more cable to help re-locate items. This means more cost and parts you simply don't have a use for. 

Over the years we have served thousands of customers with no build ever being the same, There are always things that make a build unique and quirks that need to be taken into account. Whilst Kits can serve a purpose we have found working with customers to help them determine the items they will need can not only save them money & time but can also help them make sure their build meets their needs and exceptions.

So when looking into a 12 Volt Kit our advice is ...

  • Read the contents carefully - make sure everything your buying you will need and that it will meet your requirements
  • Plan - Make sure items purchased work towards what you want
  • Make your own - If a kit isn't designed for your needs then plan and make your own by buying all the components separately, not only will you save on cost but you'll know how the system works and that is suitable for what you're wanting to achieve. 



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