Cable size table

If you are struggling to work out your old cable size we recommend looking for any markings on the outer insulation. These may be an Amp rating (ie: 20A, 16.5A) or a number followed by mm² or AWG. This will enable you to match the specifications of the cable like for like. If there are no markings please see our tables below that may help determine your cable size. 

Please note - These measurements are based on our cable manufacturer's specifications and other manufacturers may differ. Maximum overall cable diameter is based on the measurement across the insulation and is a rough guide.

Thin Wall Single Core Cable

Conductor cross section Maximum overall cable diameter
0.35mm² 1.4mm
0.5mm² 1.6mm
0.75mm² 1.75mm


1.5mm² 2.30mm
2mm² 2.55mm
2.5mm² 2.75mm
3mm² 3.20mm
4mm² 3.50mm
4.5mm² 3.90mm
6mm² 4.10mm
7mm² 5.05mm
8.5mm² 5.50mm
10mm² 5.60mm
16mm² 7.30mm
25mm² 8.45mm

Extra Flexible PVC Battery Cable.

Conductor cross section Maximum overall cable diameter
16mm² 8.3mm
20mm² 9mm
25mm² 10.1mm
35mm² 11.8mm
40mm² 12.7mm
50mm² 13.3mm
60mm² 15.0mm
70mm² 15.5mm
95mm² 17.9mm
120mm² 19.7mm
150mm² 22.35mm