Victron Energy Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Pure sine wave inverters take a 12V DC power source and exactly replicate the shape of the AC waveform that you get from your household electrical sockets, meaning that they can run any 240V AC powered equipment. Some electrical appliances like bread-makers and washing machines use thyristors that require a true sinusoidal waveform meaning that they will not operate properly when run from quasi/modified sine wave inverters.

These pure sine wave inverters from Victron Energy have been developed for professional duty in the widest possible range of applications and are designed to run at optimal efficiency, providing extremely high performance regardless of the load being powered. They also provide a very high start-up output, easily powering difficult loads such as computers and low power electrical tools, and have a range of safety features to protect the inverter and battery from damage.

When selecting your inverter always ensure that you allow plenty of spare capacity so that it is not running at or near its full output. For example, if running a 350W appliance choose the 500W model rather than the 375W. This will ensure long-life and reliability.

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