Victron Smart Battery Protect 12/24V - 100A

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One of the best ways to reduce the life of a lead-acid battery is to repeatedly over-discharge it.  This can cause damaging sulphation that impairs a battery's ability to accept and maintain charge.  The Victron Smart Battery Protect 100A solves this problem by automatically disconnecting your battery from non-essential loads before it reaches a damagingly low state of discharge. When the battery voltage drops to a certain level (lower threshold) the loads will be disconnected and when it rises again to a certain level (upper threshold) they will be reconnected. These thresholds are user-configurable to suit your application.

The Smart Battery Protect has a host of other features (see below) and is easily configurable using the built-in Bluetooth in conjunction with the VictronConnect app (see the Downloads/Links tab).  The voltage thresholds can aso be programmed manually using a dedicated pin on the terminal block and the Bluetooth function can be disabled if preferred.

It should be noted that the Smart Battery Protect is not designed to accommodate reverse currents from charging sources, so these should not be connected through the device. It may also be desirable to have essential loads (e.g. VHF, lighting) routed outside of the device so that these can always be used, regardless of the battery voltage.

Box contents

  • Smart Battery Protect
  • Connector with pre-assembled DC -ve cable (10mm ring terminal)
  • Instruction manual


  • Prevents batteries from damaging over-discharge
  • Can act as a master on/off switch for your loads
  • 12/24V auto-ranging
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity for easy programming and configuration
  • Special setting for Lithium batteries (device can be controlled by the VE.Bus BMS)
  • Ultra-low current consumption
  • Over-voltage protection to prevent damage to sensitive loads
  • Ignition proof (uses MOSFET switches not relays)
  • Delayed alarm output (prevents nuisance alarms during transient high voltage-drop e.g. during engine start)
  • Alarm output (50mA max.) can be used to activate buzzer, LED or relay
  • Delayed load disconnect and reconnect (to avoid reaction to transient high/low voltages)
  • Easy-connect terminal block
  • LED indicator to show selected voltage threshold programme
  • Nominal system voltage: 12 or 24V DC
  • Max. continuous load current: 100A (not designed for reverse currents from charging sources)
  • Peak current (max. 30 secs): 600A
  • Operating voltage range: 6-35V DC
  • Current consumption: 0.7 - 1.4 mA (depending on state of operation)
  • Alarm output delay: 12 secs
  • Max. load on alarm output: 50mA (short circuit proof)
  • Load disconnect delay: 90 secs
  • Load reconnect delay: 30 secs
  • Default thresholds: Disengage 10.5 / 21V, Engage 12V / 24V
  • Operating temp. range: -40°C to +40°C
  • Ingress Protection rating: IP67 (electronics), IP00 (connections)
  • Connection stud sizes: M8
  • Overall dimensions: 164 (W) x 59 (D) x 42 (H) mm
  • Mounting holes: 2 x 6mm

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Bar Code:  8719076041245

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