Victron SmartShunt 500A

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The Victron SmartShunt 500A is an all-in-one battery monitor and acts as a 'fuel gauge' to keep a check on the performance of your battery or battery bank. However, unlike Victron's BMV range of monitors that have a permanent display, your smartphone becomes the display. The SmartShunt connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and, using the Victron Connect app, you can conveniently view all monitored battery parameters including voltage, current draw, Ah consumed, % charge level, 'time-to-go',  historical information and much more.

The SmartShunt is a great option where space is limited or where a less cluttered installation is preferred and provides a lower cost alternative to the Victron BMV-712 Smart for those who like the bluetooth connectivity but don't want or need a permanent display.

The shunt is fitted in-line with the leisure/house battery's negative cable, the starter/auxiliary battery's negative cable is connected to the shunt's output and fused +ve supplies are taken  from each battery into the shunt's 2 inputs. As an alternative to monitoring the voltage of a 2nd battery,  the shunt's 2nd/auxiliary input can be used for temperature monitoring (requires optional temperature sensor) or midpoint monitoring.  The information from the SmartShunt can also be displayed on a GX device by connecting with a VE.Direct cable.

Box contents

  • 500A/50mV SmartShunt
  • 2x fused power cables
  • Quick installation guide


  • Displays: Voltage / Current / Power / Ah Consumed / State of Charge (%) / Time-to-go / Total kWh charged/discharged
  • Auto re-calibration each time the battery is fully charged (to ensure accuracy is maintained)
  • Auto-detection of nominal system voltage
  • Suitable for 2 batteries or banks of batteries.
  • Low current consumption
  • Temperature monitoring option for 1 battery or bank
  • Mid-point voltage monitoring option for 1 battery or bank
  • V.E Direct communication port for integration with other Victron equipment
  • Suitable for use with 12V or 24V systems
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

Feature differences compared with BMV-712 Smart

  • No programmable visual and audible alarm
  • No programmable relay


  • Supply voltage range: 6.5 - 70 V DC
  • Current draw: <1mA
  • Input voltage range (aux. battery): 6.5 - 70 V DC
  • Operating temperature: -40ºC to +50ºC
  • Battery capacity: 1-9999 Ah
  • Temperature measurement range: -20ºC to +50ºC (requires optional temp. sensor)
  • Ingress Protection rating: IP21
  • Shunt terminal size: M10
  • Shunt mounting holes: 5.8mm dia. (101.5mm between centres)
  • Shunt overall dims: 120 (L) x 54 (W) x 46 (H) mm

Part Number:  SHU050150050

Bar Code:  8719076044253

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Works very well
22 January 2024  | 

Great bit of kit took some setting up but worth the effort
I use an old mobile phone as a monitoring screen qorks really well

Battery anxiety begone
08 November 2023  | 

The SmartShunt has been on my list of van improvements for a while, and now I've finally fitted it I wish I'd stumped up the cash for it sooner (it did also need me to tidy up under the pax seat first).
Install was really easy. Using it is simple using the Victron app. The data it gives me is great - I now have a lot more confidence in my battery level whether off-grid or on the driveway outside, so I know how long it will be before I need to think about charging.


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Very good
11 June 2023  | 

I fitted this battery monitor to my campervan, and I'm very pleased with it.
It was straight forward to fit, although I had to change the existing 8mm connecters from my battery to 10mm ones for the new shunt.
The app is easy to use and gives lots of information about the battery 's state.
I did have to alter most of the default settings to suit my system (lithium battery and solar panel), otherwise the monitor kept resetting the battery's charge to 100% full. The online instructions are thorough, but I needed to study them to get the most suitable settings.
Great service from 12 Volt Planet, as usual. Thanks!


Thank you for taking the time to leave this review Matt, we really appreciate it!

Smart Shunt
08 November 2022  | 

I bought this to more accurately keep a check on monitoring the battery levels rather than just using voltage. The unit came quickly and was easily fitted, was well made I have not had it long to assess how it works long term but it seems to be working fine at the moment.

Victron Smart Shunt 500A
24 October 2022  | 

Rather than just review the Victron Smart Shunt, I'll share my experience with 12v Planet. Every time I've needed assistance, they've been there to help and their attitude to customer service has been second to none, so I give 12v Planet 10/10. Great company!

What I learned
31 March 2022  | 

This is a great product from Victron. But I learned something along the way I did not appreciate at the start
. My installation is 12v sail boat with 2 battery house bank and 1 battery engine. You can only fully monitor one bank. Using the aux for the second battery only gives you battery voltage. Useful for keeping an eye on the engine battery, with full monitoring on the house.

Victron smart shunt
26 May 2021  | 

Very happy good quality fast delivery does what I needed

Great product easy install
04 May 2021  | 

All info off 1 or 2 batterys on app
Works flawlessly great app
Easy install

12Volt Planet service with Victron quality
21 April 2021  | 

The SmartShunt was easy to install and worked immediately without any issues. The VictronConnect app (on Andriod) recognizes the SmartShunt over Bluetooth without issue and allowed configuration for my specific battery capacity et al. I have read reviews elsewhere stating the Bluetooth connection is poor but my experience disputes this and I'd consider it as strong as the Victron MTTP's Bluetooth.
Being headless (no physical display) it doesn't clutter the living space in the camper with another gage - it is home after all, not mission control! I would recommend it as a quality product and discrete way to monitor battery usage and capacity.

02 April 2021  | 

Amazing piece of kit, easy to install and ready to use immediately. The M10 bolts used to connect cables were annoying because all my cables have M8 lugs and the two sensors ferrules look delicate where theyíre positioned. Thereís more data on the app than Iíll ever digest but itís great to have it.

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