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Votronic VBCS 12V Triple Charger 45A DC-to-DC, 30A Mains, 350W Solar

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Note: Cables not included. Please download installation instructions to determine correct cable size and fuses for your application.

The VBCS 12V Triple Charger from leisure electronics specialists Votronic is the ultimate all-in-one leisure battery charging solution for your campervan or motorhome.  This compact unit can manage multiple charging sources thanks to its combination of a 45A battery-to-battery (DC-DC) charger, a 30A mains-powered charger and a 350W MPPT solar controller, enabling you to charge from your vehicle's alternator whilst on the move, from an AC mains hook-up whilst on site, or from solar panels whilst wild camping. A remarkable feature of this three-way charger is that Votronic has managed to build all of this functionality into a unit that is not much larger than a standalone mains charger, saving space, cabling and installation time when compared with fitting three separate pieces of equipment.

The VBCS has a huge number of features and options (see list below) to optimise the charging of your 12 volt battery from multiple sources and can be fitted to vehicles with either standard or Euro 6 'smart' alternators. The selectable charging profiles mean it can be used with any lead-acid battery, as well as lithium LiFePO4  batteries and they are fully protected against both over-charging and unwanted discharging.

Suitable for 12V nominal voltage systems (not compatible with 24V or higher).


  • 45A DC-DC charger compatible wth all alternator types (standard, Euro 5, Euro 6 +)
  • 30A wide input voltage range (110-230V AC) mains charger
  • MPPT solar controller with 350W panel capacity
  • Trickle charging of starter battery from mains charger and solar controller
  • Power Pack function - can act as a 12V PSU in the absence of a battery
  • Fast and deep charging of leisure batteries from 68-420Ah (recommended range)
  • Can be used with all lead-acid (flooded, sealed, AGM, gel etc.) and lithum batteries
  • 8 selectable, multi-stage charging profiles
  • Multiple protection against over-load, over-heating, over-voltage, short circuit, back discharge etc.
  • Batteries cannot be over-charged and are protected against unwanted discharge
  • Protects battery and consumers from voltage spikes and surge currents
  • Silent running mode for nightime operation of mains charger
  • Low power consumption mode for DC-DC and mains chargers
  • LED status indicators
  • AES terminal for compatible fridges  (auto-selects 12V over gas if excess solar power is available)
  • Pulser operation to protect lead-acid batteries during periods of no charging
  • Optional engine immobilisation feature to prevent engine start whilst on mains hook-up
  • Automatic compensation for voltage drop in charging cables
  • Temperature-compensated charging (temp sensor included)
  • Charging aid for deeply discharged lead-acid batteries
  • Liithum LiFePO4 Auto Wake Up activates BMS periodically
  • Optional Remote Control Unit available
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty

Further info

Recommended for battery capacities in the range 68-420Ah

  • Leisure battery nominal voltage: 12 V DC
  • Recommended leisure battery capacity:  68 - 420 Ah
  • Battery type suitability: All lead-acid (flooded, sealed, AGM, Gel etc.) and Lithium
  • No. charging programs: 8
  • Starter battery nominal voltage: 12V DC
  • Recommended minimum starter battery capacity:  80 Ah
  • Mains charger operating voltage: 110 - 230 V AC, 45 - 65 Hz
  • Mains charger max. power consumption: 520 W
  • Mains charger standby power consumption: <1W
  • Mains charger charging current: 30 A max.
  • Mains charger trickle charge current to starter battery: 4A max.
  • DC-DC charger input voltage range: 10.5 - 16.0 V DC
  • DC-DC charger over-voltage disconnection: 16.5 V DC
  • DC-DC charger max. power consumption: 700 W
  • DC-DC charger current consumption: 63 A max.
  • DC-DC charger current consumption (in reduced output mode): 48 A max.
  • DC-DC charger current output: 45 A max.
  • Recommended solar panel power: 50 - 350 W
  • Max. solar panel current output: 21 A
  • Max. solar panel Open Circuit (OC) voltage: 36 V DC
  • Solar charge controller current output: 25.5 A max.
  • Solar charge controller trickle charge current to starter battery: 5 A max.
  • Protection against short-circuit and back discharge: Yes
  • Safety disconnection in case of over-heating: Yes
  • Installation position of unit: Any
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to +45° C
  • Variable speed cooling fans (temperature dependent): Yes
  • Protection class: IP21
  • Supplied mains cable: 1m long with continental 2-pin plug
  • DC cable connection type: Screw clamp
  • Overall dimensions (including mounting feet): 217 (L) x 250 (W) x 85 (H) mm
  • Manufacturer's article no: 3243

Part Number:  C85070

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