Panel Mount Battery Meter 12V & 24V DC

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Compact panel mounted battery meter showing the state of charge of the battery. Battery health is indicated via four coloured LEDs relating to a percentage state of charge This unit can be used in 12V or 24V systems and is ideal for mounting in a dashboard or control panel for easy monitoring of your battery health. Fits in a standard 29mm diameter panel hole and is secured from behind using a nut over the threaded body.

We have a range of panels and surface mounting pods available into which this meter can be fitted (see further info below). These panels and pods also accept our panel mounted USB charger, 12V socket, voltmeter and ammeter, allowing you to create your own modular system.

Further info

Can be fitted to the following panels and surface mount pods:

    • Nominal system voltage: 12V or 24V DC
    • Voltage range: 11-32V DC
    • LED colours: Red, Amber, yellow, green
    • Connections: 6.3mm male blades with polarity markings
    • Overall max. dimensions: 30.3 (L) x 36.8 (Dia) mm
    • Panel hole diameter required: 29mm
    • Meter face diameter: 36.8mm
    • Protrusion from front of panel: 2.9mm
    • Clearance required behind panel: 40mm (approx.)

    Part Number:  161715

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