Module For 6x Maxi Blade Fuses

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Module for holding 6 maxi blade fuses as part of the MTA modular fuse and relay system.

Power is fed to the fuse holder via an M8 stud connected to all the fuses through an internal busbar.

Terminals are crimped and/or soldered to the cable and then inserted into the underside of the module through a suitable panel cut-out. Once inserted, the grey secondary locking cage is pushed into place to prevent the terminals being pulled out. Please see the 'further information' section below for the full list of compatible terminals.

Please note: Due to the internal busbar in this module, only 6 terminals are required to complete the assembly.

This module needs to be used with either mounting brackets or housings and optional covers are available. There is also a storage compartment for a blade fuse extraction tool.

Sold individually, fuses and terminals not included.


  • Components housed: 6 maxi blade fuses
  • Material: Polypropylene (30% glass-filled)

Further information

The following terminals can be used with this module


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