MTA Modular Fuse & Relay Holding System

This easy-to-use, modular system from MTA allows you to design and build a fuse and relay holder to your own specification using micro, mini and high power relays, plus mini and maxi blade fuses. Different relay and fuse modules are available and can be integrated with a range of housings, mounting brackets and covers to create 100's of configurations to meet the requirements of virtually any project, big or small; from a single module to a full 5-way housing and more. This extremely flexible design also means that you can easily change components and add modules as needed, expanding as you go.

Modules simply clip into housings or onto mounting brackets and connections are made using a variety of dedicated terminals. Cables are crimped and/or soldered to the terminals which are then pushed into the underside of the modules and held in place with locating tabs. All modules come with yellow or grey coloured secondary terminal locks that are pushed into place after inserting the terminals, and ensure that they cannot be pulled back out.

Please note: Terminals should be ordered separately to suit the cable size to be used.

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