Eberspacher Airtronic S3 D2L Externally Mounted Diesel Heater Kit With Easystart Pro Controller For Volkswagen T5/T6

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The Eberspacher Airtronic S3 D2L diesel powered blown air heater is the ideal solution for fast, efficient and quiet heating of the inside of your Volkswagen T5/ or T6, ensuring it's toasty warm, whatever the weather. No more needing to turn the vehicle's engine on and waiting for it to warm up; you can now have instant hot air at the touch of a button using this standalone heating system, perfect for recovering after outdoor activities and water sports, and providing year-round comfort in your van.

The Airtronic S3 heater is brand new for 2024 and features improved performance compared with the S2 model:

  • 10% better heating performance
  • 17% improved fuel efficiency
  • 12% improved air flow rate
  • 4% weight reduction
  • 7% electrical power consumption reduction

The unit is plumbed into the vehicle's fuel tank and uses a metering pump to draw up the fuel, requiring only a low current 12V supply to power the pump, controller and electronics. The system is very efficient, consuming a maximum of 0.27L of diesel per hour and 2.6A from your 12V leisure battery and has under-voltage protection to prevent excessive battery discharge. It can operate in temperatures as low as -40°C and at altitudes up to 3000m, thanks to automatic altitude adjustment, enabling it to work in a very wide range of environments.

This kit contains everything you need to install the S3 D2L heater to the underside of a VW T5 / T6 including Eberspacher's new, programmable Easystart Pro controller that enables you to set heater start and stop times for automatic operation - perfect for waking up to a warm van!


  • Extremely fast interior heating
  • High efficiency, direct heating
  • Extremely low fuel and electricity consumption
  • Compact design & quiet operation
  • Automatic interior temperature control
  • Space saving, external installation
  • Flexible installation with 90° tilt possible to either side
  • Connects to the vehicle's fuel tank using dedicated VW T5/T6 pickup kit
  • 2.2kW heating capacity
  • Long life brushless motor (up to 5000 hours)
  • Battery under-voltage protection
  • Heater over-voltage protection
  • Fully type approved

Dedicated VW T5/T6 fitment

A dedicated fuel pickup kit is supplied that fits all VW T5 & T6 vans and includes a standpipe, flexible pipework, fittings and instructions. The standpipe is fitted directly into the vehicle's existing fuel tank level sender unit, making fuel pickup easy and convenient and requiring no separate fuel supply.

Also included is a dedicated VW T5/ T6 mounting plate for fitting the S3 D2L unit to the underside of the vehicle, and this is typically located beneath the driver's seat area with the hot air ducting routed up through the floor and the outlet mounted at the rear of the seat base or close by.

Easystart Pro controller

The Easystart pro is Eberspacher's new, programmable controller with a host of features for controlling the functions of your heating system:

  • Intuitive single knob control
  • LED ring on knob changes colour to indicate operating status
  • Clear, comprehensive display with status info
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Programmable start/depart times
  • Diagnostics info
  • Ventilation mode (fan only - no heating)
  • Multiple installation options
  • Can operate 2 heaters separately or in a group

The Easystart Pro is also compatible with the Eberspacher Easystart Web system which allows you to control your heater via an app on your smart device (requires purchase of separate Easystart Web Control unit).

Kit Contents

This kit contains everything you need install the D2L heater to your VW T5 & T6, including:

  • Airtronic S3 D2L diesel heater (12V)
  • Easystart Pro Controller
  • External mounting plate
  • Combustion air inlet ducting
  • Exhaust ducting and silencer
  • Hot air ducting and panel mount outlet
  • Wiring harness and fittings
  • VW T5/T6 fuel pickup kit
  • Fuel metering pump, holder, pipework and wiring harness
  • All accessories, fittings, clips & clamps
  • Heater model: Airtronic S3 D2L (NEW for 2024)
  • Fuel: diesel
  • Heating capacity max/min: 2200/850 W
  • Heating air flow rate: 105kg/h max.
  • Fuel consumption max/min: 0.27/0.10 L/hr
  • Electrical power consumption max/min: 28W max.
  • Current draw at start up (max.): 8.3A (with glow plug operating)
  • Current draw once running max/min (approx.): 2.6/0.5 A
  • Nominal system voltage: 12V DC
  • Minimum operating voltage: 10.5V DC
  • Maximum operating voltage: 16V DC
  • Under and over voltage protection: Yes
  • Protection rating: IP54
  • Weight: 2.5kg approx.
  • Overall dims: 310 (L) x 115 (W) x 122 (H) mm
  • Service life: 5000 hrs
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +70 °C
  • Max. altitude use: 3000m
  • Controller model: Easystart Pro
  • Ventilation only mode: Yes
  • Display type: LCD
  • Backlight: Yes (amber)
  • Easystart Web compatible: Yes (requires purchase of separate Easystart Web Control unit)
  • Operating voltage: 12 or 24 VDC
  • Overall dims: 82 (W) x 37 (H) x 19 (D) mm


  • Warranty: 2 year limited parts & labour *

* This heater system must be installed by an Eberspacher authorised dealer, subsidiary or workshop ('service partner') in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and relevant industry standards in order to qualify for the warranty.

Part Number:  29.2113.30.0006

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