Bussman Class-T Fuses

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Class-T fuses provide the ultimate protection for high power circuits, and where extremely fast fuse blow characteristics are required. Modern batteries such as AGM and lithium technologies are capable of very high short-circuit currents which may be beyond the interrupt rating of standard circuit breakers and other fuse types.

Class-T fuses are also recommended for use with high power inverters and inverter/chargers.

Fuses are available in continuous current ratings of 225-600A and should be used in the correctly rated holder as follows:

  • Class-T fuse holder P03342 - suitable for fuse ratings 225-400A
  • Class-T fuse holder P03343 - suitable for fuse ratings 450-600A
  • Voltage rating: 160V DC
  • Continuous current ratings: 225-600A
  • Interrupt capacity: 20,000A DC
  • Length: 70mm (225-400A) | 78mm (450-600A)
  • Overall diameter: 33.8mm ((225-400A) | 40.6mm (450-600A)
  • Bolt hole size: 10.3mm (225-400A) | 12.2mm (450-600A)
  • Manufacturer: Cooper Bussmann
  • Fuse model:  JJN Limitron fast-acting Class-T

Part Number:  BEP-FT250B

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