Blue Sea Systems 1732200 Mini OLED Ammeter - Blue

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This compact 1732200 mini DC ammeter from Blue Sea Systems utilises a high quality, crystal clear blue OLED display that is readable even in bright daylight conditions. Its compact form means that it can be mounted in any convenient location and its waterproof design allows it to be used on deck for easy battery monitoring.  It has reverse polarity protection to prevent damage due to incorrect wiring and can be used in either 12V or 24V systems.

The ammeter display comes with a 100A/50mV shunt (Blue Sea Systems part no. 9230) that can measure current on either the positive or negative side of the circuit(s). The shunt is rated at 100A but it is recommended that the current should be limited to 66% of this (66A) if it is to be run continuously.

This ammeter can be used to measure the current output of, for example, an alternator or battery charger, or it can be used to measure the current consumption of specific loads or of the entire system (within the current limits of the shunt). Download the instructions from the 'Manuals & Guides' tab for installation examples.

IMPORTANT: Blue Sea Systems recommends the use of a 2A fuse in the positive power supply cable to the meter and 1A fuses in both wires between the shunt and the meter if the shunt is being used on the positive side of a circuit.


  • Super-bright, crystal clear OLED, daylight readable screen
  • Current reading to 1 decimal place
  • 100A/50mV resistive shunt
  • External or internal use - waterproof facia (IP66 - protected against powerful water jets)
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • 12V or 24V systems

Further info

Can be fitted to the following accessory panels:

  • Nominal system voltage: 12V or 24V DC
  • Voltage range: 8-36V DC
  • Resolution: 0.1A
  • Accuracy: +/- 2%
  • Max. current consumption: 15mA
  • Shunt type: Resistive
  • Shunt rating: 100A/50mV
  • Shunt continuous current rating: 66A (recommended)
  • Shunt intermittent current rating (5 min): 110A
  • Shunt cranking current rating (30 sec): 175A
  • Protection rating (meter face): IP66
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to +70°C
  • Connections: push-in connector block with screw terminals
  • Shunt connection size: 2x M6 bolts & 2x M4 screws
  • Overall max. dimensions: 60 (L) x 40 (Dia) mm
  • Mounting hole diameter: 29mm
  • Meter face diameter: 40mm
  • Meter face depth: 6mm
  • Rearward protrusion from mounting face: 64mm (includes allowance for cable)

Part Number:  1732200-BSS

Bar Code:  632085173227

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