Blue Sea Systems 187-Series Circuit Breaker - Panel Mount

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Product code:  P03639
Brand:  Blue Sea Systems
Ignition Protected  Yes


The 187-Series panel mount circuit breakers from Blue Sea Systems provide combined switching and circuit protection in one unit. Their IP66 rating and ignition protected design makes them safe for marine use around fuels on boats and in vehicles.

They have manual trip and reset functions so they can be used to switch/isolate the circuit if required, and these are operated via a single lever, making them clear and easy to use. The 'trip-free' design also ensures that the circuit cannot be held 'ON' after a trip has occurred.

Available in ratings from 25-200A with a 5000A interrupt capacity (@14V), these breakers are suitable for a wide range of applications where a medium to high current draw is expected. Note: do not use as a switch where high inrush currents are expected.

These are intended for panel mounting either on the front of a panel or behind a panel.

Cable connections are via M8 studs on the rear of the unit which have a large clearance around them to accept heavy gauge copper tube terminals.


  • 48V max. voltage
  • 25-200A current ratings
  • Interrupt capacity of 5000A@ 12V DC (1500A @ 48V DC)
  • Manual trip and reset (can be used to isolate a circuit)
  • Clear, single lever operation
  • Ignition protected
  • IP66 rated
  • Trip-free design (cannot be held 'ON' after tripping)
  • Intended for front or rear panel mounting

Further information

Note that the connection studs are marked LINE and LOAD. It is important for correct operation of the circuit breaker that the battery side is connected to LINE and the load side is connected to LOAD.

We recommend choosing 187-Series panel mount circuit breakers instead of 285-Series panel mount circuit breakers when large cross-section cable is required for the circuit being protected and/or you prefer to mount behind the panel and/or you prefer a single lever operation.

  • Circuit breaker type: Thermally responsive bi-metallic blade
  • Circuit breaker class: Type III - switchable/manual reset, trip-free
  • Mounting type: Panel mount (either in front of or behind panel)
  • Voltage rating: 48V DC max.
  • Current ratings: 25 - 200A
  • Interrupt capacity: 5000A @ 14V, 3000A @ 28V, 1500A @ 48V
  • Connection stud: 5/16"-18 (M8)
  • Mounting hole size: 5.5mm
  • Case material: Thermoset polyester
  • Overall dimensions: 86 (H) x 57.4 (W) x 63 (D) mm
  • Distance from mounting surface to end of connection studs (front panel mounting): 44.5mm
  • Distance from mounting surface to end of connection studs (rear panel mounting): 52.1mm
  • Ingress protection: IP66
  • Ignition protected: Yes
  • Operating temp: -40 to + 85°C
  • Standards/specifications met: SAE J1171 Marine
  • Manufactured by: Cooper Bussmann
  • Manufacturer's part no.s: 7035, 7036, 7038-7044 inclusive, 7046-7049 inclusive

Part Number:  7035B-BSS

Bar Code:  632085703592

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