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Anderson SB175 Double-Pole Connector Terminal

Price:  £2.80   (£2.33 Exc. VAT)

Product code:  P01367


Spare/replacement terminals to fit Anderson SB175 Double Pole connector housings

Please select the terminal to match your cable size from the drop-down list.

Sold individually.

Further information

Terminal crimping - Terminals should be crimped to the cable conductor using a suitable tool (we recommend P01069). Alternatively the terminals can be soldered to the conductor.

Terminal insertion - Insert the terminal into the connector housing so that the step at the end of the terminal slides along the surface of the sprung metal tab within the housing. Continue pushing the terminal into the housing until a sharp click is heard, which indicates that the tab has latched into place behind the step and the terminal is locked in place.

Terminal removal - Press the sprung metal tab in the housing fully flat using a suitable tool (so that it clears the step on the terminal body) and withdraw the terminal.

  • Material: Copper with Silver/Tin plating

Part Number:  TC-180-25

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