4mm˛ Single Core Solar Extension Cable With MC4 Connectors - 10m Length

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Solar-specific, UV-resistant extension cable with a 4mm² conductor cross-section for connecting solar panels. Supplied as a 10m length complete with male and female MC4 connectors terminated on the cable ends.

Ideal for extending existing solar cable fitted wth MC4 connectors.

Note: Never connect or disconnect MC4 connectors whilst they are under electrical load as this can cause arcing which can damage the contacts.

  • Voltage rating: 600VDC
  • Nominal current rating: 20A
  • Conductor cross section: 4mm²
  • Maximum overall cable diameter: 6.0mm
  • Length: 10m
  • Fitted connectors: 1 x MC4 male, 1 x MC4 female

Part Number:  10M40 (X0004F1Q1B)

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