Yilkar YH2 Diesel Air Heater Kit With Standard Control Panel

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Yilkar is a Turkish company offering products comparable in quality with the Eberspacher range, with European levels of design and manufacturing quality assurance, but at a more affordable price. Yilkar has been producing heaters since 2005 and these units are widely used in vans, campervans, motorhomes, passenger vehicles, truck cabins, and emergency vehicles.

The Yilkar YH2 diesel-powered blown air heater is the ideal solution for fast, efficient heating of the inside of your vehicle, providing you with year-round comfort at the touch of a button. Using the vehicle's diesel fuel supply, it can operate independently of the engine, meaning you can have instant warmth whenever and wherever you need it.

The unit is plumbed into the vehicle's fuel tank and uses a metering pump to draw up the fuel, requiring only a low current 12V supply to power the pump, controller and electronics. The system is very efficient, consuming an average of 0.2L of diesel per hour and 3A from a 12V leisure battery, and heats up vehicle interiors very rapidly with its 2.5kW maximum output.

This kit contains everything you need to install the YH2 heater to the interior of your vehicle (typically under a front seat) including Yilkar's YH Standard Control Panel which is simple and straightforward to operate, has all the essential features you need, and is extremely compact.


  • Fast interior heating
  • High efficiency, adaptive heating control
  • Environmentally sealed design
  • Intelligent error monitoring & detection
  • Automatic interior temperature control
  • Compact design
  • Connects to the vehicle's fuel tank
  • 2.5kW heating capacity

Universal fitment

A universal fuel pickup kit is supplied that suits the vast majority of vehicles and includes a fuel suction tube, fuel pump and filter, fittings and pipework. The suction tube is typically fitted directly into the top of the vehicle's existing fuel tank, making fuel pickup easy and convenient and requiring no separate fuel supply.

YH Standard Control Panel

This kit is supplied with Yilkar's YH Standard Control Panel featuring a crystal clear OLED screen and straightforward, uncomplicated operation. Simply turn on, select your desired temperature and the heater will start.

  • 0.97" crystal clear OLED large graphic display
  • 4 button control
  • Ambient temperature sensor
  • Heating mode
  • Ventilation mode (fan only)
  • Instant temperature display
  • Temperature unit option (°F or °C)
  • Warning display
  • Altitude limit 1500m

Note: For the same kit supplied with the Comfort Control Panel, click here.

Kit Contents

This kit contains everything you need install the YH2 heater to your vehicle, including:

  • Yilkar YH2 diesel heater (12V)
  • Air ducting hose kit
  • Air inlet/outlet vent kit
  • Main wiring loom
  • Vibration-absorbing seal
  • Combustion air & exhaust clamp kit
  • Combustion air hose
  • Exhaust air hose
  • Polyamide fuel hose
  • Fuel metering pump
  • Vibration damper pump connection kit
  • Fuel filter kit
  • Fuel suction tube kit
  • YH Standard Control Panel

YH2 heater unit

  • System voltage: 12 or 24V DC
  • Operating voltage range: 10.5 - 16V DC
  • Starting current: 8A@12V DC, 4A@24VDC
  • Operating current (max.): 3A@12V DC, 1.5A@24VDC
  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Fuel consumption: 0.072 - 0.26 L/hr (0.2 L/hr average)
  • Heating capacity: 0.9 - 2.5 kW
  • Air flow: 90m³/hr (max.)
  • Overall dimensions of heater: 320 (L) x 150 (W) x 150 (D) mm
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to 40°C
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Certification: ECE R122, ECE R10
  • Warranty: 2 years

Standard control panel

  • Display type: 0.97" OLED large graphic display
  • Display colour: Black & white
  • Altitude limit: 1500m
  • Ventilation mode: Yes
  • Unit options: °F or °C
  • Warning display: Yes

Part Number:  305.01.YH200.01

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Since 2005, YILKAR has been engineering products and systems for vehicles in the fields of heating, cooling and climate control. It invests heavily in new product development, and ensuring the quality of its products and services is core to its business values.

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