Victron Energy Orion IP67 Waterproof DC-DC Converter 24V-12V 20A - Non-Isolated

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Brand:  Victron Energy
Voltage  24-12V
Isolation  Non-isolated



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This 24V-12V 20A DC-DC converter from Victron Energy features resin-encapsulated electronics, a cast aluminium housing, and sealed cable entries, making it fully waterproof to IP67 rating. It is resistant to damage from water, oil or dirt, and is shockproof and ignition protected, so ideal for use in bilges or engine rooms on boats, and safe for use around fuels. It's also suitable for use in any application where it will be exposed to the elements and can provide the full 20A rated output in a wide temperature range from -40 to +40°C.

The extra-long 1.8m input and output cables mean that, in most cases, splicing additional cable won't be required, eliminating joints and the potential for water ingress.  A wide input voltage range of 15 to 40V ensures a stable 12V output, even with surges or sags in voltage due to other equipment connected to same battery.

The unit has protection against short circuit and overload, recovering automatically from overload when the fault condition is removed. 

Further information

Victron recommends protecting the positive input cable with a 15A fuse (@24V this cable will carry approx. 10A max.).

If the cable does require extending, we recommend using tinned cable and splicing using adhesive-lined heat shrink crimp terminals to maintain the IP67 rating. As an alternative, you could consider using standard crimp terminals and covering with adhesive-lined heat shrink sleeving.

  • Input voltage range: 15-40V DC
  • Under voltage shutdown: 13V
  • Under voltage restart: 14V
  • No load current at 24V: 50mA
  • DC output voltage: 12V ± 3%
  • Maximum continuous output current: 20A
  • Efficiency: 95%
  • Operating temp. range: -40 to +70°C (full rated output up to 40°C)
  • Overload protection: Yes (auto-recovery after fault condition is removed)
  • Short circuit proof: Yes
  • Reverse polarity protection: With external fuse or circuit breaker (not included)
  • Recommended external fuse rating for +ve input cable: 15A
  • Protection level: IP67 (fully waterproof)
  • DC connection: 2x input & 2x output cables - 1.8m long
  • DC cable cross section: 2.6mm² (13AWG)
  • Weight: 300g
  • Dimensions: 74 (H) x 74 (W) x 32 (D) mm

Part Number:  ORI241220260

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