Sterling BB1260 'Pro Batt Ultra' Battery-To-Battery Charger - 12V/12V 60A

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Brand:  Sterling Power
Voltage  12-12V
Current Rating  60A



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Note: Cables not included. Please download installation instructions to determine correct cable size and fuses for your application.

The Sterling 'Pro Batt Ultra' 12V/12V 60A BB1260 Battery-To-Battery charger offers fast, multi-stage charging of auxiliary batteries in automotive, marine and recreational vehicle applications.  Simple to install and configure, it provides a much deeper and faster re-charge than connecting directly to the alternator and is essential if you intend to re-charge a second battery in a modern vehicle where the introduction of  'smart' alternators has rendered traditional voltage sensitive relays (VSRs) redundant (please see download section below for more info).

Smart alternators are ECU controlled and their voltage output varies continuously throughout a journey. Often the voltage is too low to provide any charge to the batteries via a VSR and at other times the voltage is very high (with regenerative braking systems) which can damage sealed, AGM & Gel batteries.

Sterling Battery-To-Battery chargers take the variable voltage output from the alternator and boost or reduce it to maintain a stable voltage output according to a multi-stage charging profile, providing a safe, controlled and fast charge for your auxiliary battery. Another benefit is that current flow is limited by the charger's current rating, eliminating potentially damaging high in-rush currents to deeply discharged batteries and allowing the use of smaller connecting cable compared with VSR split charge systems (which need to handle the max. alternator output).  Importantly, once the engine is turned off the charger automatically isolates the starter and leisure batteries from each other to prevent accidental discharge.

Compatible with the following manufacturer's technologies plus many other Euro 5/6 + vehicles that use smart alternators & regenerative braking.

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  • Suitable for all battery types (wet lead acid open and sealed, AGM, gel, lithium and calcium).
  • No connection to alternator required (no warranty issues)
  • No adverse effect on ECU
  • Around 5x faster charging than traditional split charge systems
  • Multi-stage profile for a deep charge and long battery life
  • Solves Euro 5/6+ smart alternator and regenerative braking issues that make VSRs redundant
  • Input voltage boost/reduction for stable and correct charging profile
  • Automatic battery isolation/separation with engine off
  • 9 preset battery chemistry options to suit all battery types, plus user-customisable profile
  • Comprehensive front panel display
  • Quick and simple to install - cables not included
  • Dynamic thermal charging via IP68 waterproof temperature sensor (included)
  • Night time setting for silent running (no fan) at 50% power
  • Fire-proof plastic enclosure
  • Designed in the UK

Further info

We recommend this 60A charger for use in the majority of campervan and motorhome applications that have a leisure battery (or bank of batteries) over 220Ah in capacity.  Alternatively, it can be used for smaller battery capacities where faster charging times are important (e.g. for frequent but short journeys between battery usage).

  • Input nominal system voltage: 12V DC
  • Output nominal system voltage: 12V DC
  • Current limit: 60A (output limited to this value, input unlimited)
  • Voltage output: Variable dependent on selected charging profile
  • Cooling method: Variable speed fan
  • Cable connection: Screw clamp terminals (max. cable size 16mm2)
  • Ingress Protection rating: IP21 (drip proof - when mounted vertically) 
  • Weight: 1.9kg
  • Overall dimensions: 196 (H) x164 (W) x 102 (D) mm
  • Fixing hole dia: 4.5mm
  • Conforms to the following standards: E-Marked (suitable for OEM fitting)

Part Number:  BB1260

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It does exactly what it says.
30 December 2023  | 

This is my first time using this type of product.
Initially I wanted to buy a Victron Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A, but since I had 3 200AH LIPO4 batteries I needed a 60A charging power, I looked into it a lot and decided on the Sterling BB1260 'Pro Batt Ultra' Battery-To-Battery Charger - 12V/12V 60A.

The only flaw of the Sterling BB160 is that the warranty period is 12 months.
Victron products offer 5 years standard warranty.

As a British brand, I think Sterling should do something about this.


Thank you for the great feedback

Misleading - read before buying
23 October 2022  | 

I have various Sterling products and for some reason they omit critical information in their specs and descriptions. My thoughts is they do it as their products are not as good as their competitors.
Example - this unit is sold as a 60Amp charger. Which you would expect it to charge your battery with 60amps. It does not. It charges with 45 amps! Nowhere in the spec does at actually say the output amps.. at all! They omit it. They shown the input amps as between 60 and 80, but no mention of output. Because its being sold as a 60 amp charger you assume it's 60. It is not. I eventually got Sterling to tell me the 60 Amps is the input rating. Which is borderline crooked. As their ac to dc charge is sold as 30amps and the output is 30 amps! So Where's the continuity on their product descriptions? Also their competitor Victron sell their products based on the output! Ie a victron b2b 12/12 30 puts out 30 amps!
Also if you're looking at other Sterling products, don't be surprised if some of the spec data is missing..
Ie try finding how many cycles their lithium batteries can do and at what depth of discharge.. again why would you not show that.. I know because I eventually found it .. the DOD / cycle is pants compared to other manufacturers.
So I have spent £1500 on Sterling products and wish I hadn't.
Your choice.
Oh.. and if you look for reviews on their products, there aren't many but the reviews on their customer service is fantastic.. it would have to be when your selling substandard and misleading products.
Consider alternatives .. seriously!


Thank you for your review. Firstly we want to apologise the product did not match your expectations. We try to clarify on our website under the specifications that the input is 60A and the output will be limited. Sadly there is no exact figure on this as it can depend on voltages and amps coming from the alternator and the efficiency loss of the unit which a member of our team is happy to explain. Of course, we will look into how we may make this information more transparent in future.

Sadly it is not uncommon for DC-DC chargers to have a maximum charging rating but the actual may differ based on environmental changes such as temperature or input voltages. Using your example, for instance, the Victron DC-DC charger will not provide its maximum output as with increased heat it will throttle back and this is explained in their manuals also.

We have partnered with Sterling Power for a number of years and found their products to be of the highest quality and their technical support to also be excellent. All reviews found on our website are from 100% real customers and are not filtered to only show positive reviews.

The best battery to battery charger
13 May 2021  | 

With the latest technology, this charger is perfect for Motorhomes, Campervans and working vehicles.

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