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Sterling 'Pro Batt Ultra' Battery-To-Battery Charger 12V/12V 30A + MPPT Solar Controller 350W

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Note: Cables not included. Please download installation instructions to determine correct cable size and fuses for your application.

The Sterling 'Pro Batt Ultra' BBS1230 12/12V 30A Battery-To-Battery charger is based on the extremely popular BB1230 and has all the same features, but includes a built-in MPPT solar controller capable of supporting up to 350W of panel power at a nominal 12V.

Just like its sister unit, the BBS1230 offers fast, multi-stage DC-DC charging of auxiliary batteries from the alternator of your vehicle or boat and is an essential piece of kit if you intend to recharge a second battery in a modern vehicle where the introduction of  'smart' alternators has rendered traditional voltage sensitive relays (VSRs) redundant.  However, the significant advantage of the BBS1230 over the BB1230 is that it incorporates an MPPT solar charge controller in the same sized housing. This controller can harvest up to 350W of solar power to supplement the B2B charger whilst driving and continue to recharge your 12V batteries whilst stationary.  Furthermore, this unit has a starter battery maintenance feature that can trickle charge your starter battery with up to 1A using surplus solar power.

The unit gives priority to the alternator for charging during driving but also utilises any available solar power. The B2B charging function maintains the correct output voltage for optimised battery charging, regardless of the input voltage, and the current flow is limited to 30A. This current-limiting feature eliminates potentially damaging high in-rush currents and allows the use of smaller connecting cables compared with traditional VSR split-charge systems.

Fully compatible with Euro 5/6 + vehicles that use smart alternators & regenerative braking.

Important - only to be used with solar panels that have an Open-Circuit Voltage (VOC) of 31V or less.  Greater voltages may damage the unit and will void the warranty.


  • Suitable for all battery types (wet lead acid open and sealed, AGM, gel, lithium and calcium).
  • No connection to alternator required (no warranty issues)
  • No adverse effect on ECU
  • No risk of starter battery discharge
  • Multi-stage profile for a deep charge and long battery life
  • Solves Euro 5/6+ smart alternator and regenerative braking issues that make VSRs redundant
  • Input voltage boost/reduction for stable and correct charging profile
  • 9 preset battery chemistry options to suit all battery types, plus user-customisable profile
  • MPPT controller supporting up to 350W of solar power
  • Starter battery trickle charging (1A)
  • Comprehensive front panel display
  • Quick and simple to install - cables not included
  • Dynamic thermal charging via IP68 waterproof temperature sensor (included)
  • Night time setting for quieter running at 50% power
  • Fire-proof plastic enclosure
  • Optional remote control
  • Designed in the UK

Further info

We recommend this 30A charger for use in the majority of campervan, motorhome and boat applications that have a leisure battery (or bank of batteries) up to around 300Ah in capacity. 

  • Input nominal system voltage: 12V DC
  • Output nominal system voltage: 12V DC
  • Current limit: 30A (output limited to this value, input unlimited)
  • Voltage output: Variable dependent on selected charging profile
  • Max. solar harvest: 350W (larger panel wattage can be used but 350W is max. harvest)
  • Max. panel open-circuit voltage (VOC): 31V (Important - do not exceed)
  • Starter battery trickle charge current: 1A max.
  • Cooling method: Variable speed fan
  • Cable connection: Screw clamp terminals
  • Max. size cable for B2B and MPPT connections: 16mm2
  • Ingress Protection rating: IP21 (drip proof - when mounted vertically)
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Overall dimensions: 198 (H) x164 (W) x 71 (D) mm
  • Fixing hole dia: 4.5mm
  • Conforms to the following standards: E-Marked (suitable for OEM fitting)

Part Number:  BBS1230

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