Sterling Power BBR Battery-To-Battery Charger Remote Control

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Remote control for use with Sterling Power's 2022 revised Battery-To-Battery (DC-DC) chargers that have been completely re-designed to make them simpler to use, more compact and easier to install, with a minimal amount of setup.

This remote control has a blue backlit colour LCD display, 3m connection cable and as well as allowing you turn the unit on or off, provides the following advanced features:


  • Live voltage & current readings
  • Ability to set custom charge profiles: Absorption | Float | Absorption Time Length
  • Ability to limit current: 100% | 85% | 65%
  • Allows the removal of float voltage feature for lithium charging profiles
  • Desulphation/equalisation settings for lead-acid charging profiles
  • Backlight timeout adjust
  • IGN mode On/Off
  • Warning buzzer On/Off

For use with the following chargers: P03193, P03194, P03195

Further info

Reasons why you might want to limit current:

  • To allow solar panels to provide the majority of the charge, so saving fuel
  • If your alternator is suited to running at a lower current output than expected
  • To more closely match the battery manufacturer's recommended charging current
  • To future proof against an anticipated increase in battery capacity (current can be limited until the upgrade)
  • Cable length: 3m
  • Overall dimensions: 90 (L) x 70 (H) x 21 (D) mm

Part Number:  BBR

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