Sterling BBW241215 Pro Batt Waterproof Battery-To-Battery Charger - 24V/12V 15A

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Brand:  Sterling Power
Voltage  24-12V
Current Rating  15A



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This newly re-designed Waterproof DC-DC (Battery-To-Battery) charger from Sterling Power uses the same technology and software as its very successful BB range of DC-DC chargers, all packaged in an IP68 waterproof housing with encapsulated electronics, making it ideal for use in harsh environments such as engine compartments on boats or under-bonnet locations in vehicles. This model can charge a 12V leisure/house/aux battery from a 24V alternator (both standard and 'smart' types).

Highly efficient and with a maximum input current rating of 15A, this charger is compatible with all battery types and offers current limiting and low-temperature trip features for use with LiFePO4 batteries. There are 7 preset charging profiles to suit most battery types, plus a customisable charge profile, giving you ultimate flexibility and the ability to exactly match the charging profile required for your specific battery type. You can also customise the voltage threshold at which the charger starts to operate.

The setup is via a simple 2-button operation and the front display provides a wealth of information related to charger settings, operating mode, charge status and warnings, via a series of LEDs. The unit comes pre-wired with 1.5m of fused cable, including an ignition feed for use with Euro 6 vehicles fitted with smart alternators. A temperature sensor is supplied (optional fitment) and there are connections for optional remote voltage sensing (to compensate for voltage drop on the output cables) and with the BMS of a lithium battery.

The water-resistant fan in this unit is rated to IP55 and is easily replaceable.

There is an optional remote (product code P01462) available for use with this charger.


  • 15A input rating
  • 12V charging from a 24V alternator
  • High efficiency
  • IP68 rated, sealed electronics (IP55 fan - replaceable)
  • Compatible with all battery types inc. LiFePO4
  • Low temperature trip for lithium safety
  • Works with standard and smart alternators
  • 7 preset charge profiles for various battery types
  • Customisable charge profile
  • Customisable activation voltage
  • Ignition feed for use with Euro 6 'smart' alternators
  • Low standby current consumption
  • Multi-LED front display for info and warnings
  • Simple installation and setup
  • Pre-wired and fused cables
  • Temperature sensor included for charge optimisation
  • Optional remote available

Further information

Supplied cables are 1.5m from starter battery to charger and 1.5m from charger to aux battery, with a 2m negative cable. Cables can be extended but must not be cut shorter or the warranty will be voided.

Important: Please ensure that your alternator is capable of providing sufficient charge output so that it is not over-worked (which may lead to premature failure). This is particularly important when using lithium batteries as they can accept high charge currents. Sterling recommends that the charger input rating is no greater than around 70-80% of your alternator's output rating.

  • Nominal input voltage: 24V DC
  • Nominal output voltage: 12V DC
  • Input current: 15A max.
  • Standby current draw: 1mA
  • Ingress protection rating: IP68 (water-resistant replaceable fan IP55)
  • Battery type compatibility: All (AGM, Gel, Sealed, Open, LiFePO4, Calcium)
  • Cable: 1.5m IN/OUT pre-wired with fuse and 8mm ring terminals. 2m negative cable.
  • Overall dimensions: 238 (L) x 128 (W) x 94 (D) mm
  • Weight: 3.5kg

Part Number:  BBW241215

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