Push Button Thermal Trip Circuit Breakers

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Compact thermal trip circuit breakers with push-button manual reset. These are panel mountable and are supplied with a mounting nut marked "push to reset".  The reset time is 1 minute and the ignition protected design makes these circuit breakers safe for use in marine and other environments where fuels are present.

Connection is via 6.3mm male blade terminals. 

Suitable for use at 250V AC, 125V AC & 32V DC and most applications at 24V DC & 12V DC  We recommend testing at your system voltage before specifying and installing.

Available in various current ratings.

Further information

A dust and splash-proof rubber cap is available for use with these circuit breakers.

  • Voltage rating: 250V AC, 125V AC, 32V DC. Suitable for most applications at 24V DC & 12V DC
  • Available current ratings: 3A - 20A
  • Terminal sizes: 6.3mm male blades
  • Interrupt capacity: 1,000 Amp, 125V AC
  • Dielectric strength: 1,500 V AC, 1 minute
  • Resettable overload capacity: 10 x rated current
  • Voltage drop: less than 0.25V
  • Insulation resistance: 500 MOhms
  • Overall dims: 45 (D) x 14.2 (W) x 29 (H) mm
  • Mounting hole diameter: 10.4mm
  • Max. protrusion forward from mounting surface: 15mm
  • Max. protrusion rearward from mounting surface: 40mm
  • Max. panel thickness: 5mm
  • Regulatory compliances: TUV & RoHS

Part Number:  88-03-PIB14-0

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