Low Profile Rear Marker/Reflector Light - Red (129 Series)

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LED Autolamps 129 Series low profile rear outline marker / reflector light. This slimline red marker light features a reflex reflector, is only 13mm deep and is shock, water and dust proof.  The dual voltage capability also means it can operate on either a 12V or a 24V system.

The light is surface mounted to the vehicle with 2 screws (fixings supplied).

Suitable for towing applications including trailers, horse boxes and caravans.

Sold individually

2 year warranty.

Further information

Wiring colour code:

  • WHITE - Earth
  • BROWN - Positive
  • Operating voltage: 12 / 24 VDC
  • Current draw @13.8 VDC: 0.03A
  • Ingress Protection rating: IP67 (dust and water tight)
  • Cable length: 500mm (approx.)
  • Overall dimensions: 129 (L) x 32 (H) x 13 (D) mm
  • Pitch between fixings: 116mm
  • Manufacturer: LED Autolamps
  • Approvals: ECE & EMC

Part Number:  129RM

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