Fresh Water Tank Probe For CBE PC100/110

Price:  £18.93   (£15.78 Exc. VAT)

Product code:  P02023


Fresh water tank probe for use with the CBE PC100 & 110 control panels.  Available in various lengths to suit your tank depth.

The 4-pin connector block connects to a matching socket on the wiring harness provided with the PC100 and 110 control panel kits. 

Supplied with gasket and mounting nut for fitting to a 60mm diameter hole in your water tank.

If required, these probes can be cut down to suit different tank depths as follows:

  • Shortest probe - Do NOT cut (this detects a full tank)
  • Mid length probe - should be cut to approximatley 1/3 of your tank depth
  • Two longest probes - both should be cut to approximatley 2/3 of your tank depth

Not suitable for use with other CBE control panels.


  • Tank cut-out required: 60mm dia. hole
  • Connector: 4-pin multiplug to connect to PC100/110 kit wiring harness


Part Number:  505121

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