Extra Flexible PVC Battery Lead With 8mm Terminal & Universal Clamp - Red 16mm˛ 110A

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Product code:  P03167
Cable Size  16mm˛


Red, 16mm² extra flexible PVC battery leads with an 8mm copper tube terminal fitted to one end and a universal battery terminal clamp fitted to the other. Ideal for making power connections from terminal posts on 12V batteries to other equipment such as fuse boxes, busbars etc. in boats, campervans, motorhomes, and off-grid applications.

Manufactured from extra flexible PVC-sheathed cable with 110A nominal current-carrying capacity that is designed for tough working environments and suitable for low voltage auto and marine applications. The battery terminal clamp is universal, meaning that it will fit either a positive or negative SAE tapered lead battery post.

The copper tube terminal  and the universal clamp are crimped to the cable using a high surface-area hex crimp which ensures good electrical contact and high pull-off force.

Various lengths are available (the length is the distance between the terminal hole centre and the clamp hole centre and the tolerance is +/- 5mm).

  • Nominal current rating: 110A
  • No./size of conductors: 203/0.30mm
  • Conductor cross section: 16mm²
  • Maximum overall cable diameter: 8.3mm
  • Resistance per m at 20°C: 0.00126 Ω
  • Conductor material: Copper
  • Insulation material: PVC
  • Working temperature range: -30°C to +70°C
  • Chemical resistance: Petrol, lubricating oils and acids
  • Copper tube terminal hole size: 8mm
  • Copper tube terminal material: Tin-plated copper
  • Universal clamp material: Tin-plated brass
  • Tolerance on length: +/-5mm

Part Number:  BS201LR.10

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